Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Living the life

Living the life has a different meaning to each person. One may think living like a celebrity would be the life they seek, another living off the grid on a homestead, yet to another person who has a completely different thought of how their lives should be. My thoughts of living the life is living in peace with everything around me. I want to spend my time gardening, cooking, caring for the flocks of chickens & ducks. I love walking in the woods seeing all the beauty it provides. Here peace is certainly found. Walking around the pond especially by the older cypress trees where there you can find the broken or cut down cypress knees that my husband Donnie cleared ,around the pond to make it easier to mow close to the waters edge where we can fish without snagging a limb of a lower branch of the cypress trees. I often find knees cut and drying in the sun. I found one that looks like a horse. Check out my gallery and you will find the horse I’m referring to. I enjoy planting flowers,vegetables actually anything that produces food,beautiful flowers or shrubs. There is nothing I love better than being in my she shack doing crafts,looking out the window seeing the spectacular view of the pond. The view is very calming allowing me or anyone to get lost in its tranquility, having to bring myself out of the dream like state it takes me to. I seriously love everything about my home, the homestead and my life. It’s quite here unless Samson our Great Pyrenees is barking to warn what’s out there that he’s on guard. At 140 lbs he’s a bundle of fur and love to those that he knows but can be in attack mode if need be. Then there are the two little ones Tbear the poodle and Layla the Yorkie. Yes I love living how I live. To some this may not be living but to me this is my Haven.

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