Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Welcome to La Chalet De La Mare where My Home Is My Haven

Hello my name is Teresa pronounced Tur essa. I am creating my blog to be a place where you can come to visit enjoying it as if you’re coming into my home.

As a friend I welcome you to come as often as you can, for I enjoy your company as much as I hope you’re enjoying mine.

There are many things I enjoy doing such as interior decorating,cooking,baking,gardening,crafts of all kinds. I always have a craft or crafts I’m working on. I have three or four at this moment & thinking of a few more I can start.

I work on each as the mood strikes me as I know many crafter’s are known to do.

I’m raising a flock of Black Copper Maran which lay the deep chocolate eggs. I enjoy hearing the hens coo & the rooster’s crow.

I also have a flock of Partridge Rock bantams that look like they have fathered britches ( pants) on. They are the most precious breed. I have four broody hens setting with six chicks hatched,I hoping more are to come.

I have fifteen ducklings & two grown Rouen duck hens. As you can see I also enjoying having animals around me.

Im hoping to share my life, interests & thoughts with those of you who visit. I’m interested in you also.What are your interests?what are your thoughts?

Come grab a cup coffee,hot tea,cocoa,a glass of sweet tea or a soda whatever you’d like & sit,put your feet up & rest stay awhile. As you browse or read allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with a refreshing of His Holy Spirit & be filled with relaxation & restoration needed for the life’s journey you are on.

I’m wanting you to make yourself at home,be yourself for you are unique FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY made.

You are one of a kind a masterpiece made in God’s image.

I desire you to feel good about yourself whether you’re size two or size twenty. Love yourself, be good & kind to yourself for there is only one beautiful you.

The same is for both sexes. If we cannot love ourselves we are unable to love other’s.

Thank you for joining me,liking my posts,following me & helping me create a blog where you too are the involved doing this with me. Making a difference in the world around us.

I want you to join in conversations with me as if we’re setting at my home at the table drinking sweet tea or on the sofa’s with our feet up,reclined enjoying each other’s company.

Go ahead cover up with the chunky blanket,make yourself at home. For Home Is My Haven where you too belong.

Happy blogging, much love,prayer & blessings sent🌹

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