Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Life is worth living and worth living it to the fullest

Each morning we are awaked is a blessing. I sitting on the back porch at the pallet table suspended by rope hanging from the rafters. Watching the sunrise in the eastern sky awakening nature as the roosters start their morning wake up calls,the hens cooing, the ducks quacking letting me know they want out of their pen to enjoy their water and yard time,the birds are starting to sing their praises. I sit watching and listen to everything around me sitting in awe of Father God and His creation. Hearing the water hitting the buckets that I have hanging from the back porch a child’s waddling pool which the buckets slowly pour into for now this is the ducklings water source, allowing them to learn how to preen themselves enjoying the water and sun as it dries their feathers while we all patiently wait for their true feathers that repels water to emerge so they can then go to the pond.

The sounds of water as it runs from an old well hand pump being circulated with a pump for the koi. Everything creates the perfect atmosphere of ease and peace as I praise Him for allowing me to not only have this day but to be well enough to enjoy the life He has given me.


I am truly blessed and thankful for all He has given not only me but my family also. I surely am living the life I am blessed with. I pray each of you have peace that only God gives within you as you are enjoying the life you have been given for it’s a privilege to be alive. Do I have troubles,stress or issues at times. Yes but when I keep my eyes on the storm chaser Father God I’m then able to lean on Him trusting He has me as the waters of life swirl and churn with the water rising and waves seeming high enough to engulf me BUT GOD still has me covered,I can not lean to my own understanding; I must lean on God as I seek refuge in his presence. Nothing takes God by surprise; I must trust Him in the process of the storm. When I get involved in the situation or circumstances that’s when troubles really comes overcoming and overwhelming me so I try my best to rest in Him for He has me.


I patiently wait being in expectation of God’s goodness. Jeremiah 29:11 gives me hope,bringing me joy unspeakable for He knows the plans he has for each of us. If you are troubled rest in the Lord,Romans 8:28 says everything works out for our good to those who trust in the Lord. Everything is going to be okay,stay encouraged don’t allow the enemy satan to steal your peace and joy, satan is a defeated foe rendered toothless and can do nothing without father’s and our permission,for consider Job. satan was asked by God,” have you considered my servant Job?” In the scripture it continues on were satan is told you can do anything but take his life. Job lost everything but his life and his wife but after the storm was over the blessings of double was given unto him. All of this brings hope into our life’s as we keep our eyes on the Master Father God.

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