Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

Here you will find peace

Welcome to La Chalet De La Mare Where You Will Always Feel At Home

And welcome to my life.As a child of God,wife,mother & caregiver of anything and everything that comes within my grasp. Here you will find a cozy place to rest,a place to enjoy life at a slower pace,sip sweet tea,have pleasant conversations and enjoy anything from riding the buggy in the woods enjoying nature at it’s finest,good food probably made with the fresh eggs from our chickens & ducks, or fresh goodies from the gardens,where you will enjoy experiencing the dearest love from our dogs which we do not call dogs because they’re family.

I’m a crafter one who isn’t happy until I’ve created something or many things. I cook with the same love and passion.Cooking to me is creating and showing my love.

I’ve enjoyed writing since my teenage years. Poetry was my first love in writing.Back then saw I could tell those around me how much I loved them in written words that touched them to their soul. I put my writing on hold for many years because there didn’t seem to be enough time or energy between being married,raising children,the home and in those everything they entailed. Now with the empty nest I find more time to do all the things I love.

I enjoy living my life to the fullest wherever and whatever that may be,whether eating an icecream cone before it melts running down my elbow, to a wet slimy fish swinging from my pole,spitting watermelon seeds to see how far I can get them or lifting my hands in praise to the Most High God, The Great I Am and being lost in His presence… That’s where I love to be most often,in God’s presence.

I love the look of amazement and wonderment of a child as it chases a butterfly trying to touch it’s beautiful wings or the sound of spring when nature comes alive with the birds singing their praise unto God or the night bugs creating their chorus as the sun begins to low continuing their serenade until daybreak.

Animals and children naturally process the true love of God in it’s purest form until life and adults teach them both to hate.

I desire to be at peace with myself and those around me,for love is the most perfect gift to be given or received.

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