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The life journey changes

As of this writing the divorce is in process the a property settlement will now I guess go to court becaue nothing has moved forward further dragging moving forward,this seeming as if God has me alone while in the healing process of being still and knowing He is God. I love the alonness but also love the sound of other voices besides the one’s I so often hear in my head,no not crazy voices but those that ask why,when and where…

Not finding any answers therefore I seek Father God’s instructions and with I, His sheep who listens for and to His voice and no other;

finding comfort in His presence and His word. I’m filled with the joy of knowing He never leaves nor forsake me nor does He remain silent as I’m seeking Him and the wise counsel He has placed in my life.

I am looking forward to a life by myself for the much needed healing in learning to love myself.

For many years I’ve given everything to everyone and everything in my life and now can find time to pour into myself and follow the Lord completely without interference of the hustle and bustle of a busy wife and mother.

I don’t know how long this page will continue but an alternate website will be offered at

Chalet De La Mare


I’m looking forward to seeing you there in a new life journey and a new look to the page and my writings.

Thank you for following on this page this long and I’m inviting you to come along with me to the other site to follow me there.

With much love and blessings to each of you that have crossed and will cross my path during my journey.β€πŸ’‹

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