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Seasonal Changes in life

When the storms in my life began I prayed for changes,changes in the love,relationship,the abuse,betrayal everything;now as a court date approaches for an arrest made December 25,2020 for simple domestic violence which the officer who had to return to the home within 7 minutes made the decision to filed the charges himself, I had nothing to do with pressing the charges. I’m also waiting for the settlement in a divorce, the divorce was also not not of my wanting but of His, yet I must say I’m eagerly waiting for this all to come to an end where I can move forward in my life,the life in which pleases God free to do what He desires for and of me and to go where He leads,my life is for His Glory.

Change is not a terrible thing to God,for He desires His best for our life

As the seasons change in the natural, so do they change in the spiritualAllowing the word of God to take root in our hearts gives us a strong system as to grow mighty in Him

Seasons are often difficult but only to our emotional self, the spiritual man wants and Desi  what God wants

As I gather the very little I’ll take with me,little keep sakes given me from my children,clothes,Samson,Tbear,the parakeets,and little odds and ends;leaving all other materialistic things behind to free myself from a season which lasted way too long.For the length of it all, I take full responsibility for I should have left sooner than the six years I waited.Praying things would change,only now realizing he also must have that desire to change.

As I’m collecting my things,I will begin to load up the truck as soon as possible waiting for the property settlement where I’ll be able to leave and make a fresh start back in Oklahoma where my daddy’s family,my family are.With family, friends, a church I’ve already attended years ago; these are the important things in life land not all the material possessions in this house I leave behind.

The me I’ve forever longed to be,the free Teresa Foster who God intended me to be.

As the seasons changed so have my prayers,I now pray for a quick settlement and departure. I pray for complete healing of every aspect of what I’ve endured and the happiness I long to find in myself not connected to anyone’s but God.

I do not carry or hold any bitterness nor anger but have freed myself by forgiving him for all I have negatively encountered in this marriage leaving him with the best wishes for His life as we both move forward.

Prayers for him to not just know of God but to have a life changing experience where he can have a deep rooted,continual growth in the spiritual realm of a relationship with Father God. For there’s nothing in this life like experiencing God in ways you never thought possible.

Prayers which are spoken over a man who if would surrender every part of himself would find a love,peace,joy like no other and become the man of God I seen he could be. Being reminded by a dear spiritual sister I can pray,fast and do all I know biblically to do but if there is no desire in Him it will not happen for Father God never forces Himself on anyone but gives each of us free choice,and there then has to be a point of handing everything over to God saying, ” Father if this is what you want know his heart and free will,then I will accept you are doing so for my betterment, for my good. I may not see that now but in time God will show me why this had to done this way.

Prayers for guidance in the new journey in my life,for this is the first time for me to be on my own for I married then leaving home,I divorced coming back home but pregnant with my first child,then in time I married again to my second child’s dad and married to Him for 26 years,now to his husband for almost 11 years,our anniversary would of been February 27.Though there are moments of intimidation,fear, and anxiety; there are also feelings of excitement of the new adventures my new life holds.

Prayers Change As The seasons do,when you find yourself asking for God’s will to be done,we needn’t get angry,put off or feel Father God wasn’t listening to our prayers giving us the desires of our hearts. For we often don’t know what is good for us,nor can we see the dangers up ahead of us in our journey that hinder us in our spiritual growth,our destiny and just living a Christ filled life.

In a matter of 2 months my prayers have changed direction led by the Holy Spirit which is always ready to guide us when we are obedient to listen.

I’m here to encourage each reader to allow to be led by the holy spirit because Father God actually knows what is best for each of His children we just need to listen to His voice and be obedient even when it seems to be contrary to what we want,for we should be like the Lord as He prayed,” not my will but your will be done,” in doing this we are letting going of our selfish desires and are willing to do what pleases the Lord.

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