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Giving of yourself

In giving of yourself you’re giving the best you God has made you to be,for He’s created us for the giving capacity; in saying this I mean God’s created us to give love,bring joy to others,forgive and to serve. In serving other’s as Christ did,doing good for other’s though they may not deserve you’re being kind to them,in doing this we’re serving God and pleasing to Him to the fullest.

Often our hearts are wounded by other’s or our prideful hearts cause us to be unable to give with a joyful heart but in remembering we too have been forgiven for many more offenses by God than what others have done to each of us. In reading in scripture there’s a parable Jesus uses to describe this, a person goes to someone In whom he owes a great amount of debt and asks to be forgiven of His debt because it’s so overwhelming to him,the person to which this debt is owed freely and wholeheartedly forgives the man’s debts wiping clean,erasing all of the man’s offenses now the man owes nothing. As the man walks away excited I’m sure for His heavy yoke of debt has been lifted now under a lighter yoke meets a person whom owes him a much smaller debt than what he was just forgiven for and asks to be forgiven of his debt. The man in whom has just been forgiven of His much larger debt is now refusing to forgive another’s transgressions. This is where Jesus illustrates we must forgive to be forgiven. Are there people you have chosen not to forgive? If so the unforgiveness is holding you back from the greater blessings of being forgiveness. Often when we refuse to forgive,bitterness takes root within us and causes more problems than we can ever imagine.

Forgiveness of another isn’t giving them the right to do what they did to us, it’s giving us the right to live our life free of the heavy yoke of unforgiveness and bitterness.

In This way you’re giving of yourself the grestest gift,a life free to be all God created you to be.

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