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Being planted and rooted in the word of God is an illustration used as of a farmer tilling the earth,breaking the hard ground ( of our hearts) preparing the soil for planting the healthiest of the choicest (best seeds available the word of God ) and as we each spend time with Father God in a relationship building upon the foundation of His word we are then amending the soil of our sinful nature giving way to the ways of the Lord allowing the word to be rooted deeply in the the heart made ready by salvation  of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, only He when allowed can take the hardened heart of man/ woman and create in them an oasis of the choicest richest soil where the roots of His word can grow and produce the fruit of the kingdom kind. In daily meditation, reading or hearing of the word of God can we grow in great strength, wisdom,knowledge and understanding to His will for we are designed for Him and His kingdom and not He for us. When we give up the selfishness of us and to our flesh we are then able to be the pleasing obedient He is desiring us to be,when we make this life about ourselves and not about His will we lose sight of all the goodness of the abundant life He has for us;the abundance of love,kindness,joy,well-being,peace that surpasses all understand and the forgiveness needed to not take offense to the mistakes of those we love and those who have mistreated us. Forgiveness cannot be given us unless we find it within ourselves to first forgive because has not Father God forgiven each of us much ?
If we in Christ and He in us why is it so hard for us to forgive one another as He has forgiven? Our selfish hearts would rather hold on to unforgiveness allowing the root of bitterness to take hold there for killing the root system of the plants planted in the good rich soil of our hearts in Christ Jesus. Each day we need to examine our hearts pull down every stronghold which is trying to destroy what God has planted within us.

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