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When everything around you seems to be falling apart

When everything in this world seems to be falling apart and by the way it’s looking we all can agree something is hitting the fan,but by what can be debated; the pandemic creating a world shut down and crisis,the allegations with the election,the protesters storming the capital,the Chinese buying property to build military bases we’re definitely looking for things to get much worse.

Where to find peace

Our Lord is our refuge, our strong tower,our fortress in which we find safety from the things of and not of this world,for we know we are not fighting flesh and blood but the principalities in the spiritual realm. We much stay in the presence of God for this is a crucial time in our and biblical histories.

I know

I know in whom I believe,I know He is able to keep what I have committed to Him;for I’ve committed my life,my marriage,my husband,our children into many generations into His care. To those whom believe and trust in Father God can rest assured everything is taken care of with no need to worry for He is our provider,not man.

He’s above every and anything else in this world

For He sits in Heavenly places

Stand strong/Be still and know He is God

When we trust in God we have nothing or no one to fear for we are His children,which He delights and He desires to care and provide everything needed for us.

His grace is sufficient

WHAT more can be said, His grace is sufficient to cover our sins,our worries and our cares. Isn’t it wonderful we have a Father such as He!

He who forgives us over and over and over again, He who could cast us away divorcing us for being a rebellious wayward,undisciplined,idolatrous people,but His grace is sufficient to cover our multiple of abuses toward Him; for His love is unconditional,untainted by His emotional state unlike people who cast other’s away when they no longer serve a purpose for them.

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