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Many people have conflict within the confines of marriage over many issue’s such as money,in-laws,children,infidelity,religious differences and so on but the topic I would like to address is what sexual acts are considered lawful by God and unlaw within the marriage bed.

After much prayers and research on the subject I have found there is nothing exactly spelled out such as what can or cannot be done between a married couple except the immortal acts of bringing another partner into the marriage bed,fantasizing,self masturbation which can create a fantasy format where unclean spirits can be brought into the marriage;other than these mentioned I have noticed if both man and woman are comfortable with anything God would not consider immortal then it is acceptable.

As the years went on the teachings were not much different but the later generations were experiencing pleasure in sex which confused and often left especially the female wondering terrible things about themselves as they often felt the need to repent for enjoying what really was to be an pleasurable experience for them both though often leaving her believing there was some kind of a lustful spirit within her or even a Jezabel spirit engulfing her and her marriage, but being unable to speak about such a topic many women became more dissatisfied in their marriage and their relationship with God because they felt pressured into performing sexual acts they were taught to believe defiled them and the marriage.

Now many are teaching there is nothing not oral sex,nor fore play of rubbing or fondling one another is inappropriate but on the contrary it’s to be part of your way to enjoy and find fulfilment in one another and the book in the Bible The Song’s Of Solomon is used to illustrate how touching,kissing and even oral sex are not only permitted by God but encouraged by the passages of this book in God’s word.

As many women in years past have been made to believe sex was a punishment placed on Eve for her eating of the forbidden fruit but we must ask why would God make sex beautiful and Holy between a husband and wife and make it a curse too? These were ways of teaching the young ladies to be chase by browbeating sex was dirty even in the confines of marriage.

Many agree the Song’s not only describes the love between God and His creation of man and woman in the spiritual sense but it also shows how marital sex is to be practiced,enjoyed and celebrated for it is a Holy bond between husband and wife where they can find pleasure in one another which is what God intended from the beginning of time.

Sex was never to be a dreaded chore like scrubbing the toilet nor was a woman meant to feel dirty or unclean if she enjoyed sex and most certainly if marital sex involved oral sex,caressing,fondling one another or exerting passion within the marriage bed.

Take time to read the Song’s as a love story of a married couple and youll be awaken to a whole new belief of how love and sex are not only permitted but relished and enjoyed.

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