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Taking the time to heal

In March of this year 2020 before all selective surgeries were stopped because of the Corona virus pandemic, I beingΒ  Dr. Stephen Davidson’s last surgery patient undergoing a tummy tuck and breast augmentation then about a month ago under went a tummy tuck revision which I’m not fully recovered from,not being able to lift anything heavy until my last visit after the new year; I decided it was time this evening to clean up my craft room since the surgeries and becoming a care giver has taken up much of my life as of late and I’ve not done many crafts since before March and I guess I somehow thought this cleaning would do it’s self after each craft was finished,who knows what I was thinking,I’ve slept since then. I recently read a crafter’s blog which stated she at any given time could have five or more projects going at the same time,some well thought out and other’s which came alive while she created the original project,there I breathed a sigh of much relief that I was not this way by myself πŸ˜†,you and I all to well know how we often feel relieved when we find we’re not the only person who does certain things or going through something where we feel much alone but yet find a calm in knowing someone understand whatever the circumstance.

The  disorganized organization of my space

The pictures is show a disorganized organized room but at least I can find something faster,even having the ability to enter the room without going through a minefield so to speak as I would step,step,gain my balance and step hoping not to knock something over;then it happened of all times after I cleaned,I knocked a heavy piece of wood off the table which hit my big toe leaving me think I may have rebroken it and at all times at the Christmas season reminding me of a Christmas morning I began to get the dinner on then planning to make breakfast for the hubby and myself when one off the pots from the Paula Dean collection the hubs gave me that year for Christmas fell from it’s hook hitting three toes and breaking them,after hitting the floor in prayer and tears I went into the bedroom taking my pain meds then taping the toes together to find some relief and trying to straighten/brace the toes then hobbled into the kitchen to finish doing what I intend to do without the injury. I’m pleased to report after rest the foot,the toe is not broken and what a joy it is not to have another Christmas with a broken toe or toes,it’s sore but if that’s all it is I’m a happy crafter.
My time for healing may have taken on a whole new meaning if God hadn’t allowed the injury to be much less than I first anticipated. PRAISE YOU FATHER GOD !!!

Going into the holidays without be anxious about getting the room in order

The realization this accident would not of happened if I had taken the time to organize the room before ever having surgery, a loud and clear reminder not to put off for tomorrow what can be done today. I must say I’m not so anxious about nearing or entering the room knowing it needs to be done so going into the holidays can be spent baking praline coconut cream pies,praline candies,divinity candy,butter ball cookies and peanut butter fudge, as hubby will be doing the shrimp boil with potatoes, corn on the cob with or with a salad ( I love shrimp salads) I will also be making a white dip a Mexican restaurant in Oklahoma makes which is a perfect dip for potato chips,tortilla chips and can also be used as a salad dressing

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