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Look at this…πŸ‘€Β  looking at the world around us, in doing so brings us much unrest,stress and chaos into not only our flesh but also into the spiritual part of us.

It’s hard for me to remain in a stressless frame of mind even without the covid pandemic and I’m seeing many who are hard pressed in finding a solution in releasing the stress, not only created by the lockdown,lacking family time because your not able to visit as once before or the financial situation you may find yourself in in regards to the pandemic…there certainly are changes being made and it’s sad to say this may be our new normal as we’re being taken into the atmosphere of being led as a lamb to slaughter. There was once a time not long ago that we could plan vacations, visits to our family members homes for the holidays or just to visit but these days are long gone as the year 2020 draws to an end yet none of this pandemic chaos seems to be finding an end to it’s self, though vaccines are coming forth it’s hard to assume this will all come to a close with a vaccine. Not many truly,nor wholeheartedly desires to take or receive the vaccine without it being mandatory in which I’m already hearing, ” due to my religious beliefs, I’m refusing the vaccine.”

Look at this…πŸ‘€ are you ready to stand for your beliefs or bow to a mandatory something or other as this world draws ever closer to one world order????

Is there anything we can do at this point in time???

Is our time here in a place of freedom soon to be over and our world as we know it in America doomed to a dictatorship as third world countries are ???

In lockdown everyone has much more time to think of all this I’ve mentioned and much, much more as I read on posts here and there questioning everything from our politicians to the tv evangelist,false prophets and end time prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes.

What are we looking at….πŸ‘€ Time is running out… we need to be seeking Father God and His truth of salvation.

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