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Remembering Christmases past with their joyous excitement as ifΒ  all of those Christmases were filled with the expectations of children being visited by Santa or getting to sit upon his lap reciting your dream list of gifts knowing in your excitement you’ve forgotten a few items; though you knew he,Santa knew everything anyways and the forgotten items were known to him so we were rest assured in knowing this,allowing us to look forward to Christmas and Santa’s arrival with the greatest of anticipation as visions of sugar plums danced through our heads as the favorite Christmas story unfolds in
” The Night Before Christmas “
This Thanksgiving wasn’t the same, as none of the children were here and Christmas will no doubt be the same,making the holidays not as they once were as there’s no anticipation of sugar plums dancing through our heads,though I’m trying to keep in mind
” Jesus is the reason for the season” there is a difference in this season as of none other in our life time with the pandemic and lock down. I’ve talked to a few who are also finding it difficult to bring forth even a forced glimmer of Christmas joy this year.
Being Thankful for the simplicity of life, the basic of needs being met,not being ill from covid 19 or any other illnesses for that matter is enough for me to find a joy like no other in this season in our life. I pray you also are finding a reason to be filled with joy in this difficult time.
Merry Christmas to all ❀  May you be blessed with Father God’s joy,peace and love.

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