Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

When 2020 came in,I actually thought this may be the year I could finally get a leg up on everything I’ve dared to do over the years; planting the most wonderful garden with such bumper crops I could can ( preserve) filling the pantry with all the goodness from mother earth;I then once again start getting out of the house doing more things I absolutely love,nothingΒ  would cost much money of course except for gas; but I’ve longed to venture the back roads of rural Mississippi taking pictures of old homesteads,barns or anything of days gone by; then have them printed,framed and hung in my home or sell to other’s who share the same interests. There are many ideas but not too much productivity especially when something rocks our world as this pandemic and the resent election has,but yet I have hope, for my God is more than able, in Him I find rest; I pray in Him you also do. Be Blessed, stay safe and please remain healthy

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