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Someday seems so far away as we wish,wait or pray for something.

A question
The question I’d like to ask is, what do you do as you wait ?

Do you stand in faith unwavering until your answer or promises come to pass ?

Do you have faith but for a little while then losing hope becoming discouraged, saddened by the fact your someday has not yet come then depression sets in ?

Do you need a refreshing word from God to carry on or do you sit in patience until the fulfillment of God’s word ?

Instances In My Life
I myself have sadly experienced all three of these in waiting for God to answer my prayers,give me guidance or in fulfilling His promises in my life; then there are those times when I’ve experienced the suddenlies where God has answered me suddenly, given direction suddenly or fulfilled His promise suddenly. I personally love the suddenlies as everyone I suspect does but if God moved in the suddenlies in our lives continuously it would not build our character.


Though we may not like waiting,waiting is the most important process in our growth in both the human and spiritual aspects of our lives.

This is only my thoughts…

I believe if  Father God gave us suddenlies continuously we would become spoiled brat children expecting to be given everything we demand and would throw temper tantrums in hopes of getting what we desire as we did when we were toddlers.

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