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Our legacy of being children of the most high God,the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is written of in this scripture.

The memory of the just is blessed;but the name of the wicked shall rot. Proverbs 10:7

We can also see in our lives how this scripture is fulfilled when someone passes from this life into the next from the words not spoken in the eulogy but how people speak good or not of them when all the pomp and circumstance is over when  away from the family as you know you yourself have witnessed, like;  ” ole so & so sure was a mean ole soul.
Or you’ve heard,” Aw it’s such a shame to lose him/ her because they had a loving spirit who would be their for everyone  and always had a smile on their face. “

We certainly have a choice of not only who we serve but also in what manner of heart we have and how we operate in love or in hate,bitterness, anger,and every wrong attitude.
  In what condition is your heart and attitude

This nearing the Thanksgiving celebration should be a time of reflection for each and everyone of us to look deep within ourselves and see where or what needs to be placed back in the proper will of Father God.
Blessings to all ❤ and may this season be one of


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