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I’m Not The Only One Right ?

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Have you ever found yourself in a place where you know you’re obeying the Lord’s voice and His directions yet your heart isn’t as receptive to the task at hand? You’re finding youself very reluctant or not a cheerful giver? I have found myself in this perdictumunt several times in my life thus far and I’m sure I will a few times more before saying goodbye to this life while entering the after,and I’m not really sure how a person of faith is to handle a situation as such without much prayer. To be quite honest I’m not sure what scripture the answers can be found nor do I know how the Father feels about my not giving my whole heart in these type of situations. I know I myself often feels much guilt; not knowing whether the guilt comes from self condemnation or the enemies provoking taunts to make me feel as if I’m not fully committed to pleasing God as I should be; that Father God is not pleased with me thus making me feel as if I’m failing in hitting the mark of what God’s calling me to do. I know I cannot be the only child of God that feels this way ?

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