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The leaves are slowly turning from their dark green to red,orange,yellows and browns I love this time of year with all of it’s colors and aromatic whiffs of wonders as each captures the imagination of years gone by of the  giant piles  of crisp leaves just waiting to be jumped into and rolled through,the fresh Pennsylvania air,a time of apples,bonfires,hayrides and starry filled night skies. The water in the pond is receding from all the rain we had gotten from the recent hurricanes,the spillway falls over an area where several bags of concrete were placed to walk to the other side of the pond,there I found several small fish,retrieving them in hopes of saving their lives.The greens are sown and we shall see what kind of harvest Donnie will have. I’ve not grown turnips or mustard greens before so this is new to me. I should of paid attention to what daddy was doing when he was alive,tho I must say I thought we would of had more time to garden together,now I pull everything out of memories and they often fail me.It’s a beautiful time of year as we go from one season to the next in hopes the new seasons are filled with wondrous adventures and joys unspeakable to be remembered until the feeble mind can no longer recall the memories of  cornfields,hayrides and apple orchards of my childhood memories growing up in Pennsylvania.

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