Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

A days length journey lies in wait where into the depths of darkness rays of light cannot be,filtered,carried nor protected the contrast of the darkest,deepest,richest onyx known to God. The crevices etched deeply by who or what has come before me,whereas I glide my fingers ever so slightly as not to damage or awaken what may be within my grasp where I’m to find my way,afraid to harshly grab what is before me in fear of  damaging the truth which lies within my hands. Within my palms is truth the absolute as only truth can be told unto to man. Though the darkness here holds no evil felt,only truth be can earnestly dealt,calling out the truths be told yet no man gives ear to these words spoken.The Ancient of ancients has told of these truths down from the dawn of time,these words have not changed in meaning, form or rhythm yet each word lingers always in this sphere of time where no spirit has traveled nor touched the words to devile their meanings of truth for the hearing of man.

Give attentive ear more than just a listen but full attention be to each syllable spoken. Beware for now is such a time to adhere to each word and it’s meaning,no parable spoken here it’s plain and clear if only given attention to the attentive desiring ear.

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