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Saturday will be my 60th birthday WOW” somewhere back in time I couldn’t imagine this day,It seems just yesterday I was 16 getting my driver’s license and starting to work in the healthcare profession,turning 18 living in Louisiana meeting my first husband marrying at 19 having my first child at 20 then soon divorced. Later remarrying and having my second child at 23,now here I am nearing 60,what a blessing it is for there are many who have not nor will not experience what I have in life and the years I’ve had to enjoy many many of the opportunities,experiences,lessons,joys and wonderments I have. I feel honored and privileged to reach this milestone in my life,though too be honest I’ve taken life for granted many times throughout the years and often have been ungrateful and selfish in traveling the roads to this point in life’s journey.

Here of late I’ve had the opportunity of soul searching,being able to see someone else’s perspective in the whole of things,issues,trials and tests with a heart of giving and receiving love and forgiveness bringing healing, and restoration with great personal and spiritual growth in the progress.

In the last few months I’ve climbed,crawled,stretched,scratched and dug my way from the pit to the palace in my physical and emotional life. Once being as king David deep in His pit of dispear,I struggled to be free of the demons that held me captive,unable to be completely free until Father God opened the hearts of myself and other’s in my life giving us the opportunities to talk openly with an understanding that only comes from the wisdom of our Lord,a forgiveness not shallow but too as Father God instructs in His word where now bonds are being made with such love it’s breathtaking and quite overwhelming when I begin writing and pondering on the goodness of God.The changes being made and the restoration that has and still is in the progress of what is the most magnificent happenings, and the timing for my 60th birthday where I am so beautifully broken yet with a wholeness I’ve never experienced until very recently. Yes, I’ve been healed in many areas of my life both emotional and physically but until recently I’ve not know this completeness wholeness I now know.

The next part of my journey is with the greatest of expectation as a mother in full bloom pregnancy waiting for the moment of being induced to give birth to the dreams of which Father God has given,spoke and instructed;I am now freed to go even further into my destiny with the experience of a heavy weight fighter with championship title’s to show for the battles won and the testimony of how Great God truly is. What a wonderful heavenly birthday gift He’s given. I am most certainly truly blessed. I am overjoyed, actually unable to put into words the emotions and expectations I now have flowing through me as the living waters give me beauty for ashes,an expectancy and a hope knowing what God has spoken He shall surely bring to pass. Somewhere along the way I lost sight of what God designed me for,allowing the things of this world to distract me from my callings,passions and purpose.

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