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A season of Change
A season of change is coming not only in the natural as summer turns to autumn but also in the spiritual realm in my life and many in the world. In my own life I’m seeing Father God move in a  Phenomenal way which I’ve been hoping, praying and expecting but also doubtful change would ever come and if it did come the change would not last long.
As many of you may have read in my past posts of the issues in my life and marriage and I’m excited to reveal Father God has certainly moved in mighty and unusual ways to bring healing in every area which has held myself and those connected to me hostage in these areas.A few months ago I am contacted by my mother who I haven’t spoken to in a few years,she’s 83 yrs old and sought out reconciliation.A chance of healing,and restoration in our mother daughter relationship. Soon after our several phone conversation my daughter and I set out for yet another road trip this time to bring momma from a nursing home in Oklahoma to live with Donnie and I with Cheryl and I caring for her,while on the trip home we encountered health issues with momma which showed us we were not physically able to care for her as need and suggested home health to come into the home and help care for her which being a care giver herself until retirement ( we worked together in this field in which she trained me) knew she did not want to change up the homes routine or interfere with our daily living,though Donnie and I reassured her it would not,in fact I knew what needed to be sought after in her care with the experience I gleaned in this field and could keep momma close and safe at the same time then came c-diff rearing it’s ugly head once again causing her to be hospitalized for treatment, she then was taken to a health care facility to regain her health and stability, where she now resides on a full time basis; She’s only fifteen minutes from our homestead where when she’s not plagued with the reoccurrence of C-diff She and I window visit every other day. I love seeing her smiling face as I walked up to her window while she was in isolation after leaving the hospital coming to the facility, where I removed the screen to her window giving her the goodies she requested and many she did not being able to see her without peering through a screen was a pleasure she and I never knew would be so exhilarating as if sitting in the same room visiting though I stood or leaned against the window ledge as we talked,laughed and enjoyed our time together ❤. The smile I spoke of when I would lightly tap on her window as she laid on her bed watching tv was enough to bring joy overflowing to the wounded heart which barely beat within my chest just months before,the lonely broken heart that over the years had just wanted to stop beating altogether never feeling hurt or rejection again but here she and I are building a bond of trust and love that was not shared before or had been abused and forgotten over time. God is in the restoration business and knows exactly what will transpire if we are will to be obedient to His voice. I could of chosen not to take that phone call that day,I could have refused her request of forgiveness of all the hurt between us,I could have refused to ask for her forgiveness in my part of our troubled relationship and clung to the bitter broken 💔 heart which barely lived within me. Then as the journey of my life continues I’m now building  relationships with nieces and a nephew who unfortunately I was unable to have when they were younger which is also an amazing healing point in my life. Family is always family and we need our family members to be completely ❤ God made us to desire a bond with our family’s, a health bond so we can be whole.
Then the healing is coming between Donnie and I as the relationship has shifted from being controlling and abusive to caring,loving,building one another in God’s love and not tearing each other down and this change has come from Donnie stopping his drinking which anyone can attest to change a person in so many ways one cannot see the person they fell in love with because of the Doctor Jekyll and  Mr. Hyde personalities that come forth from the over indulgence of the spirit’s of their desire.
I’m overjoyed, where I  stand in awe being so very thankful for what Father God is doing in my life with all of the people I love, bringing a healing and wholeness I’ve desired for many many years. We’re being given yet another chance to be where,what and who God desires us all to be and I’m excited to see where this part of the journey takes us all. Much love and blessings to each of you  ❤ 💋
May my writings stir up such a hope and expectancy in your souls for the desires your hearts which may seem as such an impossibility, remembering nothing is impossible with God, for what He’s doing in my life He will most certainly do in yours for He is no respecter of persons.
Once many of you probably thought of how brutally open and honest I was in what was happening in my life and within myself but this is the reason I have been, hoping,knowing, trusting God would move so greatly He would obtain the glory of what would happen then hopefully everyone who read my life’s journey will certainly know there is truly a God who loves is concerned ❤ cares and moves on our behalf.
He most certainly deserves the honor,praise and glory for what He’s doing in my life’s story. Amen

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