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The Game Of Tug Of War

Letting go of my will and allowing God to fulfil His perfect will for my life and his glory seems like an endless game of tug of war,the constant struggle is real and sadly of my own doing;for I’ve chose my will and not the Lord’s. Quite honestly I’ve completely exhausted my physical and emotional resources many times through my life resisting what I know I should do which is surrendering unto God’s will; to stop being the stubborn mule that needs bridling rather being the child who is obedient no matter the situation or circumstance;standing in faith trusting His ways and not in myself and my decisions.


Taking His hand,trusting in Him seems like an easy task to accomplish yet the world,life situations,the flesh and the spirits and principalities are always influencing our choices and decisions,yet these cannot be blamed for our lack of self control and self choice in our decision to serve the Lord carrying out His will,not our own ..this is of our own free will;without continually reading of the word and applying it in our life’s journey is our only way of succeeding in life and assurance of living with Him in paradise when life here is over,for we are certainly doomed for death and the pits of hell for it is written my people parish for the lack of knowledge, knowledge only comes in daily communications with Him;being the only away of becoming more like our Father God.Only when we are ready to carry out his direction for our life’s,hearing His voice and acting on His word in obedience,in doing this lays our only hope of doing His will and having an active viable relationship with Father God. It takes a truly contrite heart in surrendering unto Him our lives asking for Him for forgiveness of our sins and commitment in carrying out what the word of God instructs us remaining in good standing with our Lord. We must examine ourselves and truly evaluate His will or our own.Does this cause confusion,discord,damage to one’s mental health or well being ? If the answer is yes I can guarantee it is of our own will because there are not fruits bearing that resemble those of our Father. When we desire to surrender unto Him we also desire to obey what He commands of us,instructs us and eager to do so knowing we are pleasing to the Father.

Following His path isn’t easy by far but with commitment and dedication it can be done, where we are able to bear fruit of our Father bringing people into a relationship with Him for themselves spreading the good news of the gospel.
If the vine is not producing fruit it will be pruned and can go as far as casting it into the fire to burn as useless and unproductive in the bearing of the good fruits as are characteristics of being of the Father in whom we are to live our life as He also lived; for He does not expect us to do something He Himself did not do.

When the path forks this is when knowing His voice is imperative,forks in the roads of life can create troubles and woes or joy and successes. How to make these decisions are in prayer and fasting also but not making that decision until you have heard from the Lord or find peace in your spirit for it’s in line with the word of God,,if the decision wouldn’t please God it’s definitely not the right decision. YET many times I myself make hasty decisions without consulting the Lord ,I then must pray for Him to correct my wrong choices even when I’ve made a God given decision the out come also depends on those decisions of other’s around me,for if you choose right and they do different than the Lord instructs there will be unrest and issues along the line and until everything lines up with God’s will and plans producing excellent fruits the results of success are totally impossible and Father God will remove the one doing His will or move the one who is not until what is out of order is back in order so His plans can go forth.
Finding peace in His presence is how we become filled,healed and restored and learn more than we can imagine for when in His presence we are in tune with Him therefore able to hear Him more clearly and more with a certainty than second guessing Him. His sheep know His voice abd listen to no other.
Walking in troubled waters I will not be afraid for He has me in the palm of his hand,guiding me through the storms that come and yes they will come but don’t let go of the knowledge already gleaned in past experiences of difficulties. Keep your eyes on Him,not your situation,praising Him and being in His presence you remain in peace without being drawn into the mess and confusion allowing yourself to be attacked by the enemy satan and his horde of demons and co-horts.

The storms of life are not meant to destroy or kills us but to build character and give witness to what an all powerful God we serve.

Our light in troubled and peaceful times. Keeping our eyes upon our Lord as a captain keeps his eye on the lighthouse is our only guarantee of survival of life’s storms.

Often one set of footprints are seen as He carries us when need be through the storm or the many storms that have spawned off of the one storm; like tornadoes spawn from a hurricane.

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