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The rains from the hurricanes have seemed to have gone for now giving us a chance to dry out a bit,the last of the plots have been brush hogged down and only my potageres garden remains though there’s no vegetables,the flowers are still giving off blooms here and there. It’s different during this time of the year of not having a garden or plot to tend, seeming odd since I’ve worked soon after Easter to have something growing we could eat; with planting,watering, pulling weeds,furtilzing,staking,pruning and picking, now it’s a time for rest which seems odd to me; though we all, even the land needs to rest in order to produce the best fruit we have to offer. The sitting still is what I’m having issues with. I just cannot seem to be good at doing nothing,there’s always something that I can do; this is when crafts begin to become my main focus. Soon the weather will be cooling and fall will give me a bounty of treasures to gather to either decorate with or find a use for.

Though as the weather does get cooler … closer into Autumn the chicken coop and run will be cleansed,sanitized, fresh hay given for everything to nest. Pumpkins and hamburger meat with plenty of hot red pepper flakes will be given to worm the flock, cat food with high protein will set them off for a stronger system for the coming winter then another worming in the spring. Here I am thinking of what I must do in the Autumn season.

The slowing down of life here is coming at a good time as I will be going in for my tummy tuck revision October 20th and may be down another 6 weeks recuperating from the surgery which I’m absolutely ticked to be getting,this being the final touches of the procedure which started March 18th before covid 19 shut down the world as we all once knew it,now here we are almost (6) six months into this new worlds way of functioning and it’s no closer to resolve than when it all began. Our new way of life are masks worn everywhere you go but yet there’s no proper way of disposing of the masks so is this that serious or are we continuing to spread this through the lackadaisical approach as we often do many things in life. I for one as you know believe this is a way for one world order to be set up and the biblical predictions being fulfilled before our very eyes. This is only a serious matter in our relationship with Christ and excepting Him as our savior,living our life’s according to His standards not our own nor the worlds.

Are you ready to stand before Father God and give an account for your unbelief or for your living your life according to His will ? We all must be accountable for how we have lived.If you died today do you know where your soul would spend eternity? In heaven or hell ? There is no other way to the Father except through the Son Jesus Christ, receiving Him ( Jesus) as our Lord and savior this is our only way of having eternal life.

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