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A Very Different Season In Life

In the natural there are four seasons, those of course being winter,spring, summer and fall; In the spiritual realm there are several seasonal moments too, as an example there are the Valleys,mountain tops, the wilderness and dry places.

I seem to travel in the vast arenas of them all and all at once it seems 😆 though it would  seem impossible to be in a valley or wilderness and on the mountain top simultaneously but that’s the way it feels with the high and lows in  my life. In no way am I looking for sympathy or pity, I write to release the emotional distress or pleasures in my life as I have been coached to do as therapy and self acknowledgement of my life it’s trials,tests and storms with all the twists,turns,tunnels and patches of darkness where I must trust God and not give way to what’s happening around me,keeping my eye’s on the beacon of light from the lighthouse of the Lord.
Many things have changed for the 👍 good. Donnie and I no longer engage in physical fighting and our relationship ties are growing in strength and closeness,our relationship with father God is also strengthening as we glean His wisdom,knowledge, understanding and guidance for our lives. We have rededicated our lives to God and have renewed our vows and love to one another. We have seen and continue to see great progress in ourselves and each other.
There are other things I’d like to capture in my writings but I’m not able to put them into words at this moment, for many things are happening around me that deal with issues I thought were put to rest and the book closed but for some reason recently the book has been reopened. I’m not sure for it’s reason except to acknowledge I was correct in knowing things will never change in the relationship with Thelma and she will use everything and everyone to achieve what she wants done even if that means going to any and every length possibly. I’ve written about the unloved daughter and the journey I walk with her inability to love me,you’re more than welcome to read posts on the issue that I’ve written. I’ve decided not to revisit the past 🙃 in giving into my ramblings of her and her inabilities to love me because I’m  f a r w o r t h m o r e than the sad ramblings of an unloved daughter 💔 I’m the daughter of the King 🤴.
I’ve decided to collect my thoughts and when ready write ✍ more interesting stories of life ,love, being an over comer filled with endurance substance, and strength 💪.
So until my next writing ✍ may you be filled with God’s love, joy and peace. Keep your chin up,shoulders back and square and adjust your crown..we’re victorious in Him

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