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The Abundance Of Tomatoes and Purple Hull Peas

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With the abundance of tomatoes comes the abundance of the purple hull peas,along with cucumber that’s given a few beautiful fruit of their kind,are now starting to really flower giving hopes of a great abundance. I’m also seeing the corn,butter beans,pinto beans and purple hull peas producing in a large amounts,the corn 🌽  I’m visualizing because it’s not yet started making tassels but the stalks are looking mighty beautiful if that’s an indication πŸ˜„. Donnie who is more experienced in the corn growing department says well have more than enough and will probably be sharing which sounds so wonderful to me. I’m still picking peas though the heat has taken my tomato and cucumber plants which have given me a good bit of containers of cucumbers in vinegar for a little while which to me is the perfect snack and bags of peas and tomatoes for the freezer though I’ve Only shown one gallon,there are more and more to gather. Every garden is successful if it gives me a few bags of their goodness to enjoy for later with hopes of next years garden being the one that provides months with the gratefulness of a proud heart for the success that has been achieved it this gardening season. 
Happy planting and harvesting everyone.

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