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The Rain and Heat Damage To The Garden

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The rain and heat have damaged alot of my garden,though I have gathered many strawberries, the snails and slugs have eaten more than we have;the squash produced very little as my ducklings enjoyed topping the flowers when they bloomed so they didn’t produce after they found the garden lol. The tomatoes have produced wonderfully,meaning I have green tomatoes sitting everywhere on the back porch and the countertop of the house as I watch them turning ever so slowly awaiting the much loved tomato sandwiches which ar very much loved during this hot weather. The rain is appreciated but too much is too much and I was so looking forward to an over abundance of everything planted. I’m not complaining because we do have a beautiful garden full of flowers which are pleasing to the eye,nose, to the bee’s and butterflies which make it more pleasing. The peas,beans and watermelon are coming along and look as if we may have a plentiful gathering from each of them,though we had to replant the corn earlier in the season and we’re not sure what will happen there,I really feel for farmer’s who depend on what they grow to not only feed their family but to also pay the bills because I can’t seem to get a small plot to produce so we can enjoy a season let alone preserve some for later but we live and learn by our experiences don’t we,so here I am still learning. The okra plants are doing well because they love the heat so I may be having fried okra and freezing some for gumbo’s,soups and tomato okra,cucumbers are producing but not as I thought and the plum did put out but we ate them as fast as they ripened and the blackberries were prolific and were enjoyed with slices of strawberries and cool whip. I’m thinking of purchasing everything needed from the farmer’s market and starting my canning adventure,stocking the pantry and seeing what next year brings in gardening because I’m becoming very impatient in seeing the pantry well stocked with fresh canned goods. Though I’m pleased to say my herb garden is well stcked and doing well. All in all I’m pleased with caring and spending time in the garden if it’s producing or not.

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