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Three months post surgery

Though I’ve dealt with an opened wound for a few months after the necrotic skin at the tummy tuck flap where it left a 2″×3″×2″ deep secondary wound which is now almost completely healed at this writing and I’m very satisfied with the surgeries. I am completely overjoyed with the outcome. There will be a revision surgery which will correct the incision where the tissue of the wound isn’t perfect. I love my Doctor and his staff,they have been absolutely wonderful throughout this process of recovery.

A mommy makeover

I would highly recommend Dr.Stephen Davidson for any procedure of the elective surgery type. Breast and nipple lift,tummy tuck or what is called a mommy make over is exactly the perfect fix  to the saggy tummy after childbirth  and with the hysterectomy scar.

A tattoo
Once this is all over I believe I’ll have the incision scar tattooed where it looks like  a belly dancer’s jewelry she adorns.

Loving myself

I’m loving the new and improved me after the surgery. I feel sexier and empowered in some sort of way though I  know true beauty comes from the inside created by a relationship with Father God and walking in His precepts, judgments and commandments.

Complete change

In these few months after surgery I’m making a Complete change in me and my appearance. I’m also growing out my hair which has been in the same style for far too long. I usually wear it short because it’s much easier for me to deal with,infact I have buzzed it all off a few years ago and may do that again once the longer hair is mo longer desired. It’s taken awhile to get my hair to neck / shoulder length. My hair grows slow and   keratin was a supplement I could take because it raised my thyroid where medication was needed but once I realized it was the supplement and stopped using it my thyroid is now normal. Please be careful with supplement and do the research before using them. I thought the supplement was harmless until I was taken to the emergency room have side effects from them. Now I’m iffy about washing my hair with keratin Shampoo. I know that’s silly but I don’t want to take the chance of what can be absorbed through the scalp or hair.

Once my hair is the length I desire I’ll post pictures but right now I wear it up alot as it goes through is awful growing stages.

In this time of healing and recovery I have also been working on my inner self and my relationship with Father God. I’m trying to surrender all to His will yet the flesh raises up to show it’s ugly head and I must get it in submission to God’s will. I’m slowly getting to where I’m myself as with the flocks,gardening,cooking,crafts and caring for the home. It seemed as if I lost my desire to do the things that once brought me joy,like a shroud of depression took every emotion and tied it in a huge knot,where one end of the emotions couldn’t be separated from the other end of the emotions like an infinity symbol. This is when I had to dissect myself under the fine vision of Father God. I couldn’t place myself under the microscope of the flesh but had to place myself under the microscope of the holy spirit. Putting my emotions in check and not allowing myself to be ruled by them but being ruled by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.
I often do this to keep myself accountable and disciplined for as everyone else I too can become self centered, obsessed with what I want,not giving thought of what the Father desires of me,the spoiled brat that demands her own way and with doing that everything always ends in disaster whereas if I followed the Father’s instructions everything works out for my good.
This has been a journey of self renewal …. The new me ….

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