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Hope and Expectation of His Sheep

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As I write my heart and soul aches to move to Colorado,a state I visited for the first time last year with my daughter Cheryl. She and I had a wonderful time together though our personal life’s seemed to falling to pieces with each mile we drove, yet we were eased knowing we had each other;as did we when her’s and my journey in life together began June 28,1981 when she was born ( yes, I know our journey actually began at conception)

It’s hard to believe she will be turning 39 years old, as I will be turning 60 in September;when Donnie and I will vacation for 10 days for my 60th birthday in Manitou Springs,Colorado where I desire to live. I absolutely adore the 1800’s Victorian period two story home where Cheryl and I stayed,where Donnie and I will also stay and it’s the home I would love to own,living there until the day Father God calls me home.

Last year,our first night there at the home Cheryl took me to her bedroom where we gazed through the skylight at the dark orange moon with dark lines running through it and I instantly knew if God still made us from dirt where mine would come from,the very top of Pike’s Peak. I felt a connection to this wonderful,beautiful place as if my soul knew it was home until returning to the heavenlies to be with Father God for an eternity.

I’m not wanting to homestead as in raising animals or even a garden unless I have a greenhouse,,yet I’m still longing to preserve food by canning,filling the pantry with wholesome foods; grown either in a greenhouse,flowerbeds around the home or purchased at a farmer’s market.

Though I love the country with the benefits of raising animals,gardening,the peace and quiet and not being very close to people in my surroundings,I’m looking forward to this change for I feel the Lord is calling me and placing me there for His purpose and I’m most certainly ready to say,YESto His will. There are many things He’s spoken to me about me and what I will be doing,though I will not reveal these now for I have learned there are many who can be closest to you who will do and say anything to destroy your destiny,callings,desires and dreams to try to watch you flounder to believe what God has spoken especially if it’s been days,months,even years since it was first spoken,like most men and women of the Bible who waited upon the promises of God our Father for many,many years. There are times I feel my breakthrough is just a second away then the enemy causes one of his spirits and principalities to come to hinder my belief, the words spoken into me and my very purpose. Then as I’m dashed to the ground I find it the perfect place to get myself into the presence of Father God who then restores my vision,my hopes,purpose and destiny. In His presence where I find the overwhelming joy of everything spoken,often seeing in visions,dreams and the minds eye what He wills for me and the kingdom of heaven. I often feel like Sarah who waited years,laughing at the thought of God’s desire for me,believing I’ve pasted my prime,my youth is gone and I have aged beyond my purpose but as He reassured Sarah that indeed she shall conceive having a son,I too am reassured my time has not passed and age is just a number, for my latter will be better than my former. Or I feel like Joseph who was forsaken by his own brothers because of jealousy sold into slavery, serving time in prison for something he was innocent of then his breakthrough comes bringing all the promises God had spoken to him in his dreams so long ago as a child.On any given day I can feel like any character of the Bible, like David though loving Father God with my whole heart and soul often singing praises to the Lord I can be overcome by depression having to remember every good thing Father God has given me,the deep waters He’s helped me through or how He places His hedge of protection over me as He has me sitting still to show Himself God in my life. I can also feel like Hannah as my Penina laughs and scoffs at me because I have not yet conceived or birthed the child(promises spoken into and over me and my life), I’m often made a mockery of for speaking on what Father God has spoken to me by those who are supposed love me most,seeming to me they would encourage me instead of being discouraging. Then there’s Noah who stands believing what he’s heard and goes about the task at hand in which he was spoken to about,his destiny and those of his family.When people around laugh,taunt,ridicule and degrade you trying to make you believe what you have heard was not from Father God.

I can also feel as the prophets and prophetesses where a word is given for another and not received or when I’m sometimes disliked because of my God given ability to tell of events to happen and when they happen I’m surprised how that can anger someone or cause animosity towards me for being obedient but yet when it’s something that blesses them they accept the words greedily like eating the morsels of a decadent dessert,licking their lips and fingers with every word desiring more and more until fat with His promises then walking away with an attitude of being above all other’s, believing they are Father God’s favorite golden child. We all like to believe we are His favorites when in fact we know He doesn’t have favorites but… He did say David was a man after His own heart and called him friend,this makes me believe David was one of Father God’s favorites for He called David His friend.

With all the characters of the Bible, Ruth; I believe is my favorite for she goes through a great loss with her husband’s death as she humbles herself to her mother in law Naomi’s words of instruction which she follows without hesitation as we should do with Father God and His words spoken unto us. Ruth shows us exactly how we are to recognize,receive and obey Father God’s words to us verbally or written within the pages of the Bible,where the instructions for a God filled, successful life are obtained.

Have a blessed day…

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