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A Time Of Change

A change is coming

I stand in faith change is coming,coming to this world and we the people who inhabit it.

The pandemic and it’s effects,the people lost to the illness,the madness of rioting and the false news we hear about it all has created a society which none has ever known; it’s yet to be revealed to us though we cannot see,it lays just beneath the surface to take it’s stance when ready.

The Pandemic,deaths,protesting and rioting have created another wave of outbreaks of the virus with their selfish,lackadaisical approach to life.

There were to be two phases of this pandemic of the Corona virus,the phase that is now passing ( though many new cases of people are testing positive),then another wave projected to happen in the fall during the normal flu season.

I see a third phase coming with another round of deaths from those exposed during the uprising among the protestors and rioters. These people have not yet started to test positive for covid-19 or have they?

The elderly,the very young and those with health issues have been hit the hardest.

We all know the virus was created to do just as it’s doing, for it was designed to decrease the population making it more sustainable for the future possibilities of world wide events such as covid-19, a meteorite hitting the world 🌎 or any number of things predicted to happen.

If people would comply to safe at home orders and keep themselves and other’s safe we could have gotten through this crisis faster,more educated and most definitely further along than what we are now but it’s as if people believe this is a joke. This is a man-made,man released virus but this is NO JOKE.

The number of people who have died during this very short period of time in the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ is 119 thousand as of June 16,2020,with 2.18 million testing positive for the virus.

Do people really care about one another

Since the pandemic I have more friends and followers on Facebook than ever because social media has been the only way for us to socialize and to see into another’s life as we all travel this journey together though apart.

I have been wondering do people really care for one another? With all the rioting,killing,vandalizing,and terrorizing of us all with CNN,FOX and all the other news channels which have created the intense hostility among those who protested,rioted and vandalized those in their own neighborhoods causing an already struggling population to possibly creating many more people of all races to never rise above the poverty level again. After working and struggling for years to get where they are or were,causing them to lose everything they worked so hard to obtain. Why in God’s name would someone go into a grocery store and create havoc to where the already shortage of their food supplies are being destroyed,unable to be consumed by anyone, then further damaging the only store near them for the purchasing of the necessities of daily life (if foods or products can be found ) causing the family owned and operating grocery stores to close their doors possibly for good. Where does this help solve the issues of racism? Those who believe rioting,vandalizing,looting and destroying their own people is the proper way to get racism to go away are blinded by the media polarizing the issue. Taking and twisting everything to make the racism and hatred worse. We are destroying ourselves from within while those who desire to destroy the United States sits in waiting for the right moment of attack furthering the devastation that’s already at hand.

Let’s just say another attack like 9/11 or worse happens as this pandemic and racism ravishes this nation,it now wounded from the effects of both it’s people could not possibly stand united to fight the enemy who has just attacked for we are a vulnerable nation,as the sitting duck.

Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were complete surprises,as attacks normally are; but these happened to a nation of unity,strength and wisdom,in a time when we the people are not wounded by the previous events of world wide shut down,sicknesses,deaths,food and product shortages then add the protesting,riots,murders,vandalizing, looting and the corrupt people of power who work behind the scenes to ensure we are destroyed never to rise again.

A time for change is now..

The time for change is now !

With the end of slavery by Abraham Lincoln then many years later the Civil Rights Movement taking it’s stand against racism,standing for equality of each person living or born in this great nation of any race or nationality having the right of the pursuit of happiness. Racism should have long been put to rest, yet here we still are dealing with the very same issue that threatened to destroy us then as it does now.

We have fought brother against brother during the Civil War for the purpose of ending racism,did all of those who fought and died die in vain? I certainly hope not !

I don’t know the answer of how to end racism but I know sweeping it under the rug hasn’t worked thus

It’s a time for change…

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