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I don’t have to look far to keep myself busy,the crafts and garden do that themselves plus everything else that’s done around home; you know the typical cleaning,laundry,planning and cooking the meals plus taking care of the chickens and ducks who pretty much take care of themselves. As you can tell by the pictures everything is growing leaps and bounds in the garden’s,the plum tree is full of beautiful plums I’m excited for them to start changing colors to where I can pick them,place them on the back porch table and allow them to continue to ripen for making jelly. The tomatoes are looking beautiful in their make shift cages,I used the wire that once was used in the potagere’s garden that held the netting which protected the strawberries from the scorching sun,especially after a slight rain; it causes them to blister when the sun comes back out afterwards, hot and heavy proving too much for the delicate fruit.I’ve already picked the top leaves of the basil, collected lettuce,a couple radishes,cucumber and a small gooseneck squash for a couple salads a piece for Donnie and myself and herbs like rosemary,thyme,basil and oregano for the Italian wedding soup l made the other night.I’ve also picked a few blackberries from the bushes I transplanted to my flower bed in the front of the house a few years ago for convenience of not having to walk down to the farthest end of the lowland right before the wood line which isn’t far but I can clearly see snakes by the bushes being cleaned around in the flower bed rather than the field making it so much easier.I also picked a few strawberries which I cleaned both kinds of berries last night and mixed them with cool whip for a light,cool,delicious dessert; I had enough of them to have enough for the both of us a good portion,which I find fulfilling that I gathered and picked from my garden or bushes in our yard not having to purchase any of it which gives me an overwhelming bit of satisfaction, though it may not be much now but yet I’m thankful for what the Lord has given.The lima,pinto beans and corn at the potagere’s garden’s edge were planted in the paper/ cardboard egg cartons then covered with miracle grow potting soil until the correct depth was reached like a raised bed. The Flowers and plants are amazingly beautiful against the decorations placed in and those used, as the wash tubs planters,wheelbarrow,the top of the fire pit as does the other add in’s such as the gate,signs with numbers stenciled on them and the chairs giving us a place to sit in the cool of the evening often on days we’ve worked in all of the gardens and plots.When not busy with the home and gardens I busy myself with other projects as painting my jeans ( several pairs) which I painted a year ago and just now embroidering and doing some hand stitching on them here and there,I’m almost finished just needing to hand stitch a black hemming on the one leg and a couple tiny silk flower’s on the back of the leg,I’m also creating a purse from a pair of jeans which were many sizes to big for Donnie so I found a use for them.I love to make denim purse, I’ve made them by hand since I’ve been 13 years old and I made a bookbag to hang over my daughter’s desk chair at school when she was in the 4th grade to hold her art supplies ( by teachers request though not of denim material but she found it more suited for this purpose ) The purse I’m making now is comprised from pieces of a purchased denim purse that had seen it’s better days so I salvaged pieces like the handle strap with leather ends,two pockets,giving me more storage on the outside of the bag and the zipper to be attached on the front to be a conceal and carry bag also,I’m then making a two possible a three pocket gathering bag with the first compartment having a drawstring closure,the second just under the flap of the first and the smaller one will probably be an elastic opening keeping the pocket with a puckered drawn top to keep the smaller more delicate fruits or even eggs in, though I’ve made an egg gathering apron,it was the first project of teaching myself to sew last year. When these are completed or not πŸ˜† ( it’s not uncommon for me to have many projects going at one time). I have a few denim pieces of jewelry I’ve laid out and I’m planning on doing these when I get the wire needed.. I’ve already made four pairs of earrings,three pairs that are leather tassels that dangle, one pair of hearts with roses ( Rose being my middle name) on them in which I just added the wire clasp for making dangling earrings apposed to putting a plain stud through the hole already there.I’m seriously thinking of having a shop where I can make and sell the crafts I’ve make while living in Colorado.When I get moved and settled in and getting to know people around the area while doing my research of what sells and what doesn’t. I already have a wonderful start with having a one time employer and co-owner/ corporate attorney of the company where I was office manager also the purchasing agent,time keeper,parts runner,dispatcher and a few other titles; which now there is a person for each title I wore. Ron has given me a personal reference on the last job I had and he’s very well know in Colorado Springs so I’m sure I will have no problems meeting people. Ron also thought highly of my daddy who hired me to be his receptionist with handling more than the telephone and messages in turn got me the promotion by Ron to office manager with salary an expense account and a company vehicle,so he certainly knows my character,my work skills and work performance.GOD ALWAYS HAS THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME RIGHT ON TIME.

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