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I received an email from a friend the other day and in this email I was encouraged to be thankful for what I have,this caused me to stop and think about all the times Father God has moved on my behalf in situations and circumstances and how I got to where I now am.


I,as David did in his pit of despair; recalled each circumstance or situation I have been healed,used for God’s glory,rescused,restored,moved and lead by the holy spirit.

as I pondered on all these things done on my behalf,I began to lift my voice and hands of praise in and with an attitude of graditude and thanksgiving. In my last writings I spoke of finding freedom and with this freedom I have also found the attitude of graditude giving thanks instead of allowing the enemy of anxiety,depression,despair crying and wailing as I’m complaining to God of what I don’t have instead of being thankful for what I do have. Sometimes … Often in life I have gotten to resemble the Israeli children while in the wilderness after being freed from slavery in Egypt still having the salve mentality. In this freedom I’m experiencing, I’m being reminded of how the wilderness journey was only to be a 12 day journey which turned into 40 years because of the rebellion against doing God’s will and not being obedient to His word. I am very Thankful for the wonderful friend who encouraged me to be the Teresa God has created me to be,the Teresa who was completely changed before coming into the life I now live and how we (Donnie and I) have allowed satan to come in and almost destroy what God has ordained and put into order. So often I give into the situation or circumstance especially if it lasts for years,as if I lose hope of change; it’s then I see things as they are, not speaking into myself and my life what God has spoken in His word and into my spirit.

In my writings of the truth within my life it’s not to be protrayed as a victim but to actually show we (Donnie and I ) are Victorious in Christ,for I want to document things so in the end it’s proven how God works in mine and Donnie’s lives,how He is concerned with what concerns us having our best interest in mind if we will but surrender and be obedient to His will.


Giving the praises of thanksgiving with a attitude of gratitude moves God more than grumbling and complaining,there’s nothing worse for me than to be bombarded by someone who’s always complaining about EVERYTHING; if this gets on my nerves how much more does it get on Father God’s when I’m acting the same way. It’s during this time of surrendering completely unto God’s will a breakthrough will come. I cannot afford to miss the opportunities God has for me to tell my life’s story for in it is my destiny,to tell the world of the good news of the gospel and how every word written in the Bible is true then being able to give testimony of His goodness. What He’s done for me he’ll do for someone else because He’s not a respecter of persons. He’s the Promise Keeper !! Everything He says He shall do for He is not a man that He shall lie nor is He a man that He shall repent for there is no sin found in Him; He is the source of truth and righteousness, His word shall not return void unto Him for His words shall preform what it’s told of them; that’s why it’s important to speak God’s word over every situation in life for there is life and death in the power of the tongue,What is in our mouths is what’s in our hearts and lives. If we speak defeat,lack,sickness these will be what plaques us and our life but when we boldly speak God’s word over ourselves in faith it will be done and always on God’s timing.


The reason for this picture of the she shack/craft room is this room was the first to be anointed to be a prayer room; though I have another room off of the master bedroom it too has been anointed as a prayer room but the original prayer room has never lost the power of it’s anointing with it being at least 9-10 years since it was heavily ANOINTED with holy oil from church when I accidently kicked the bottle over causing it to spill creating a puddle of oil to then soak into the carpet.No matter what I used to clean that spot nothing ever removed the circle the oil made,when Donnie laid the wood floors the carpet wasn’t removed so the spirit of God permeates the flooring and entire room still to this day. You can certainly feel the peace the room holds,then as I’m doing crafts I’m always talk to Father God asking for His help especially teaching myself to sew,Father God knows how I love making things so He’s created a room where Him and I can spend our days together enjoying every moment we have.

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