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The Will

Facing the truth whatever that truth may be is often something that is hard to acknowledge and once acknowledged quite challenging to accept.

In certain situations the truth can be overwhelmingly freeing but in other cases it can be heartbreaking and depressing;another instance the truth sets your emotions on high,educates and opens one up for more opportunities of self-growth and self-help as steps are taken to enrich oneself with the information the truth has gleaned.

I find myself doubting everything when I move in myself even tho the enemy still uses  doubt when I know without question I am being lead by God. It seems the greatest form of attack is the thoughts of doubt which tries to cover the truth.

As confusing as our emotions may become in finding out the truth,our emotions should never be allowed to rule our actions or thoughts. The best advice I can give myself is to stay in the presence of the Lord ,giving everything to Him and wait for Him to show me the way, in which direction I should take and the course of action which I should also take.

Oftentimes I must put myself in the back ground listening only to the directions of Father God for my flesh and emotional being seems to want to have their way and if given unto the flesh God’s will and perfect plan for my life cannot be carried out without some kind of hardship or correction from Daddy Father God,then after much regret I once more try follow His lead, His perfect will.

If only I could only remember….


Walking in the spiritual truths is much harder when the flesh is allowed to have it’s way which is always going to be against the will of God.


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