Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

My love I give unto you, my love I leave with you to to guide you through the dark difficult places in life

My sheep hear my voice and listen to no other
In Christ Jesus I have found the lover of my soul

I  am a child of the most high God,the great I am;the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am not perfect but serve a perfect God. Within my own self I am not able and everything is impossible but through Him I can do all things for in Him I find strength to meet another day,to be thankful,to give praise for only He is worthy. Thank you Father God for this day and the things of this day You have specifically for me to learn,to grow to depend solely on you. For in Him and Him alone am I able to do all things in which He called forth before the beginning of time. Who is my strength and in weakness made perfect, for there is nothing impossible with a possible God as He. May your day be enriched by His love,grace and mercy and may you live out the number of your days in walking directly in His presence. There’s no great joy than the knowledge of who’s you are,to whom you belong to and to know your worth in Him.

Rejoice in this day for you are His and you cannot be separated from Him in life nor death.

Much love sent my friends and may you also know the joys of freedom in the Lord. God Bless ❤

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