Home Is My Haven Where Life Is For Enjoying And Is Worth Living Fully

As I sit in the darkness of my room and he at the other end of the home in his room, I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me with my earlier publishing and taking off the mask,exposing the truth.

I feel empowered,free emotionally,no fear though I did not fear him. I fear no man but I fear God who can take my life and damn my soul to hell.

I’m in another rambling but this one is a celebration of sorts because I’ve been able to take the mask off and truly be myself, no faking. Unless one has experienced wearing the mask or masks to hide the truth beneath them one cannot understand,and I pray you will never have to mask the truth but if you do… I pray for your strength to unmask it or them and expose it or them for what it or they really are. I have completely allowed myself to be freed,the house ( body) is swept cleaned now being filled with the healing balm of Gilead;where the Holy Spirit may now reign supreme. There is no feeling as being freed spiritually,mentally,emotionally and physically..no greater joy than this except the love of Christ from which this joy comes.

I can now walk further toward the destination of my destiny with more testimony of how Great God is and walk soundly,more surefooted into the arena and platforms Father God wants to use me. The bondage that bond me cannot bind me any longer for I am free.

I am free

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