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The view from my craft room which was anointed the original prayer room where a bottle of Holy oil was accidentally knocked over and saturated the carpet that’s beneath the wooden floor. As I do crafts I’m always talking with Father God especially when sewing ( I’m learning as I go ) or painting on rocks.I view the gardens and watch it transform into the beauty from seed to flower or fruitThe Elderberry is covered with blooms where the birds will enjoy those higher than my reachYesterday in late afternoon I pulled mint trying to give definition to it’s walkways and to stop it from overtaking everything from flowers to the vegetables plantedI’ve brought some spider plants out to add contrast in the garden and what i was once told years ago the cactus called the money cactus because it produces leaves the size of a coinThe strawberries now won’t be choked out being overtaken by the mintI need to put some of the lambs ear in the ground when this rain coming is over. I believe I’ll plant it in the flower bed running along side and the foot of the little iron bed to grow as big as they desire.The little boy on his tire swing with a strawberry 🍓 plant in his belly with a hang pot of strawberries and the wooden bucket is sprouting garlicHow peaceful is the potagere’s garden i world love to make a place to sit maybe under one of the shrub that not yet produces shade but will within the years to comeThe colors of red and the black ash can among the greenery, with the old plow handles and the wash tubs all work togetherto be pleasing to one’s spirit The 🍅 tomatoes are looking beautiful as one can tell they’ve taken root in their growing space. The other rows of okra,eggplant 🍆,squash and pinto beans are beginning to make their true leaves and will soon grow to produce the fruit of it’s kindSoon all the other plants will be as full and lush as the tomato 🍅 plants

The rain has caused the pond to overflow it’s bounds releasing it’s water through the spillway. The sound of running water is so peaceful, bringing calm to one’s being The peas,beans,watermelon 🍉 and 🌽 are too making their true leaves and growing nicelyThe watermelon 🍉 has been hoed around and the corn sprayed but the rain brings up more grass and weeds which Donnie will be using the tiller to make it easier on himself The ducks have plenty of vegetation to consume, last year they clean the entire pond which I’m sure they will once again enjoy the pond plant or weed whatever it is giving them the nutrients the need adding to what they receive from their feedI love the wild flowers found throughout the property. My redneck roses 🌹 I have many bouquets around the home from my collection of the beautiful bounty of the Lord has given meOne of the ducks setting on her clutchA clutch either abandoned or little momma needed a rest or nourishment Samson enjoys walking with momma,he stayed at my side today not allowing himself to get too far from me which I loveSuch an handsome young man,his eyes shine and smile with loveI love the way this area by the pond looks like a swampThe driveway lined with dark pink crape myrtlesThe driveway leads to the bridge over the pond. One side is overtaken with the pond plant/weeds it looks like a place where the fish lay their eggs or where swamp critters love to hideSamson enjoying our walk yet stays ever vigilant to what’s happening around himThe side of the pond where swamp critters may habitat…no alligatorsCypress kneescedar trees I planted in 2010 or 2011 to give privacy,there is four planted to represent each of our child. Samson enjoys the cool earth and shade of the cedarsMy rideBlackberries waiting to ripen Rose of Sharon/whiteHiClutches everywhere but many are being abandoned and rotting so they are disposed ofThe cool edge of the garden Samson loves to dig and cool himself in so when planning anything Samson is always a forethought Samson also has the pallet table to dig and lay beneath Sky and Lark our pair of parakeets which we’re hoping to breedour New additions to the homestead https://lachaletdelamare.com/20200601_113538-mp4/

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