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The Truth within the wounded warrior

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The wounded warrior

There are many times I’d love to blurt out the absolute truth for the world to know and possibly try to comprehend but the TRUTH is what keeps everything hidden deep within. Often times I believe no one would want to know the truth or it’s not spoken because of the ridicule I could possibly receive. I deal with many things as we all do but there are things that make my picturesque life a lie from the pits hell and until it changes nothing will come of it but the cuts and bruises that are hidden from view but always felt within the recesses of my mind and body where it’s often replaying the scenes of the acts that have occurred moments or months before over and over where the depression deepens as I fake the truth that no one knows but a chosen few who will not judge but give me the emotional support that’s much needed. The fist has been stilled for a month or so but one never knows when the wrath of the furious fists come forth plummeting the flesh and bone that hold the soul of the wounded warrior within.

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