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The recent rains have caused everything to pop further from the hardened clayish tilled soil,especially the pinto beans and okra,where as the potagere’s garden is growing abundantly with mint,today makes the second time within my planting in the garden of pulling out mint from being overbearing; though I do throw it everywhere in the chicken’s coop when I thin it out s not to waste anything. Mint as I’ve mentioned before brings a chicken’s body temperature down so not to become overheated in our hot muggy Mississippi summers,sometimes in early spring we experience heat waves where we swear we went right from winter into the middle of summer and the mint is relished by my flock either in ice water or scattered in the nests and the floors inside the coop and in the enclosed run when they can have free choice of eating and it freshens the coop and holding flies at bay;so as you see my mint is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted.

The tomatoes in their caged pots are doing wonderful and so are the other’s planted in the other part of the garden i just didn’t get a close up of them,today infact we discussed needing to stake for them and they’re starting to flower.

The pinto beans have finally come from beneath their clayish caps and i can tell what they are,the eggplant and squash doing the same. How glad I am to see there is free space I can plant the seedlings when they’re ready ( if I ever get them planted, which will probably be tomorrow). I’m always putting something off for tomorrow…. but seriously Donnie has gotten the back porch clean off where I can use the table to plant in the toilet paper rolls and egg cartons,though we don’t have the sink fixed as of yet ( a leaking pipe) for me to water them from there i do have the water hose within reach as I’ll probably have the cartons sitting on the porch railings for them to receive sun.

The Rose 🌹 hedge is continually blooming giving beauty and their rose hips as you can see below they’re are just about ready for harvesting, a few of them anyways. I need to research to see how I can preserve them until I harvest enough to use in making syrup,jellies or whatever else i can do with them.

The color of the rose hips are a beautiful orangish red almost resembling a cherry tomato in this picture

The purple 💜 gladiolus leans from being top heavy in bloom among all the mint surrounding the glads,glass, did notice the Lantana I planted last year has resurfaced and if I’m not mistaken it’s from my multicolored bush that had been killed from the hard freeze we had a year or two ago. I seem to lose track of time or days so you must excuse me on that one 😊 b

Samson enjoys gardening and being in the garden with me,though he’s walking all over the lettuce I’d rather have him with me than not as he’s been digging in the dirt with me as a young pup of 6-8 months old. I love his companionship he’s such a wonderful boy,I wouldn’t want him to be anything but who he is,he’s protective and always on guard of his charge and takes the role very seriously. I wouldn’t want any other big breed.

The ducks enjoying the pond in the distance. The clutches of eggs a couple hens were setting on were duds,it’s their first year so I’ll chalk it up to inexperience though I have three more sitting,two of which are closer to the house where I can keep an eye on them. I’m afraid Samson may have interfered with the other’s setting across the pond because it was cooler weather which makes him frisky and playful, that combination makes for ducks running towards the water no matter where they are and squawking for dear life as they go though Samson is playing the ducks don’t think his behavior is funny. I’ve tried yelling to stop him but he knows it’s harmless funny and continues even when being scolded. It is kind of cute watching him catch a glimpse of them as he walks through the wood line behind the backyard wrought iron fencing as he then starts to gallop, barreling around the flower bed and through the gate leading towards the garden now having them scattering in different directions,some through the carport entrance and other’s heading along side the back of the house heading towards the pond; those being the one’s he chases until each one is on the water. Maybe it’s his intention because he often goes to the pier where he lays resting but keeping a watchful eye on them as he has them all in his sights.

From here is where Samson barrels from the woods around this flower bed as a horse rounds the barrels making his way to brings his charge to the water where he possibly believes they should be.

Again he walks through the potagere’s garden, I believe he too enjoys the different aromas coming from the herbs he steps upon. Mint,Rosemary,Sage and Thyme as he often then take a smell of whatever flower’s may be blooming; he seems to enjoy the Rose’s the best.

It’s looking beautiful as time brings forth what’s been sown in the years before and so very different than the wintered over mess that was there just a month or so ago.

I had lost my largest Rosemary plant I had planted when this was just a newly developed pallet garden,now it’s hard to believe pallets once was the landscaping there as you don’t see the decaying wood laying beneath the now established herbs,flowers and a few shrub. As you can see some new growth of Rosemary has come up though this isn’t were the original plant stood for years.

I’m needing to paint the long garden signs,with the possibility of rain showers for the rest of the week and weekend I’m certain it won’t be this week or weekend.

The fairy sits among the strawberries,Lantana,petunia’s and mint

The rain and fertilizer is helping to fill the grapes out nicely

I don’t know why this is my favorite part of the yard,maybe because this is where the backyard really began to be more like the garden of Eden than just grass to be mowed void of the wrought iron fencing,plants,trees and shrub.

A wonderful place to sit as one rests or enjoys the beautiful view which surrounds them.

The extra seed potatoes left that I planted in the planter by the back porch, sort of convenient when time for gathering.

The wild plum in it’s second year of producing,the first only putting off maybe 4 plums in all; this year we have considerable more which I pray we get to enjoy as jelly.

So here I’ll leave you till the next writing. I pray all is well at your homestead and you’re enjoying your surroundings.

Much love and blessings sent.

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