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When you feel in your spirit there is something you’re supposed to do,you being obedient do it but the results you’ve seen in the spiritual realm are not that,that you’re seeing in the natural can be a slap of discouragement and disappointment,though we must remember to ride it out no matter what we see or feel because nothing of the spiritual is done on our timing, it’s all done on God’s timing.


Joseph dreamed dreams and when he told his brother about a specific dream concerning them bowing down to Joseph jealousy arose,then anger and feelings of hate resided in a few. As time went on these feelings became stronger among the brothers; as the plotters  were deciding Joseph’s fate of being thrown into a well left to die taking his coat rubbing it in lambs blood to tell their father Joseph was killed by a wild animal,when a band of slaves were coming through they decided to sell him into slavery and they did. Though Joseph endured slavery and imprisonment Father God had other plans; from the beginning of time. While in prison he deciphered dreams of two other’s who were imprisoned with him giving validation to his gift of interpreting dreams. The one was put to death as the dream showed and the other was given freedom and made part of Pharoah’s  elite,as he was being prepared for release Joseph asked him not to forget about him and the man did forget until two years later when the Pharaoh himself had a dream in which his own soothsayers could not interpret that’s when the man remembered Joseph; telling the pharaoh how Joseph had interpreted dreams while he, Joseph and another man were imprisoned and both having dreams were interpreted truthfully by Joseph. During Joseph’s slavery he had been placed at Pharoah’s palace where pharoahs wife wanted Joseph sexually with Joseph resisting her many advances this angered the queen and with her last advance Joseph ran away leaving his cloak behind the queen had tried taking it from his body;when he freed himself and fled in fear of the pharaoh. The queen took Joseph’s cloak and presented it as proof that he had tried to rape her causing his imprisonment once more so I’m sure pharaoh remembered Joseph as he was brought before him to interpret his dreams. The dreams being interpreted by Joseph gave the pharaoh great pleasure for these dreams had perplexed him so greatly he had many sleepless nights over them. After the interpretation of the dreams it brought pharaoh the greatest pleasure to place Joseph in command just under himself, giving him a royal robe and a signet ring of the Pharoah’s.
Joseph finally seen his own dreams coming to pass after nearly 25 years.

Waiting for your time
Though you’ve been given a glimpse of your talent,gift,calling or events to happen in your life there is often a waiting period. Look a Abraham and Sarah,.Abraham was promised Isaac to be born to Sarah and into her late 90’s she gives birth. I’m sure they thought surely God had forgotten about them as we ourselves sometimes do; I know I do.
I try to be patient but patience is not a virtue I handle well. There are times I ask God why to things; sometimes I get an answer sometimes i don’t, but this teaches me to wait for God’s perfect timing. There are times in the waiting I become discouraged then I’m reminded of these story’s and many more in the Bible that jog my memory and prick my heart to wait patiently upon the Lord.
When discouragement comes rearing it’s ugly head I think on these scriptures. God is not a man that He should lie nor a man that He should repent. In other words Father God is not like the freshly person who is full of lies and needs to repent as the sinners we are, for in humanity  most never carrying though on the promise made.

Praising while we wait

Praise is the best thing we can do as we wait for Father God to fulfill His promises to us for it takes our focus off ourselves putting it on God,when we do that we are giving God honor above all things including our often selfish selves.
This sentence I’m about to write ,I have not found it in the word of God but I do know it to certainly to be true..

When praises go up blessings come down !!
Blessing are in many forms but,when praising while discouragement comes seeking to take up habitation praise brings in a renewed strength and peace to be able to persevere.

Happy mother’s day

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