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I like many of you,I’m trying to keep myself busy during the quarantine. I’ve planted and arranged my potagere’s garden to be little different this year.No still no wrought iron fencing yet but I’ve got an old garden gate and washtub planters in place. I’m loving my time in the garden She just seems to fit in among the garden  plantsThe tubs are filled with basil and thyme with a tomato plant added a few days ago,I’ll later sow lettuce among themInstead of stenciling the names of the plants as I did a few years ago I decided to use numbers for a little funI love the tubs like this,I was going to whitewash them but then changed my mind when putting up the gate. The galvanized look seems to remind me of days gone by of great grandma’s home and garden Just too cute for words
And with herbs showing in time it will be perfectly beautiful The wheelbarrow planted with cucumber and bell pepper with sage and lamb’s ear below and peonies planted in the bags of top soil at the corners of the garden. Welcome to my potagere’s garden where it’s always open to friends who come for a visit of small talk, tall glasses of sweet tea and lots of laughter and gigglesI’m doing what I can as I’m healing from the tummy tuck,mini breast and nipple lift. As I have written before I had an issue with the what is called the flap where three area’s of skin are sutured together. This is common and with me being a smoker at the time of a surgery date being scheduled, I quit smoking the 7th of March with surgery on the 18th, my age,other health issues and medications,I just happened to have issues with neurotic tissue that needed debridement. Once the neurotic tissue was removed healing has began,slowly but it’s healing. I’ve had two debridements creating a better environment for healing. Though I have a secondary intention wound that needs packed with gauze moistened with sterile water and a dry bandage placed over the entire wound, a wet dry dressing it’s healing. At the first debridement I was left with a secondary wound that was 3″×2″ with the depth of 1″. Now the end of April the wound has healed a bit to a 2″×2″ with the depth of 1/2 ” so I’m making progress. My appointments are now a week apart and not Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I must say I have the best plastic surgeon,he’s on top of everything and leaves nothing to chance. I appreciate him keeping a vigilant eye on me.I can feel myself getting stronger,I’m able to work more in the garden which let’s me know I’m in my element once more. I’m able to do more around the home so Donnie doesn’t have to do much after work. I hated for him to have so much on his plate but he doesn’t mind nor does he complain. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to take pictures of myself and post them,even with swelling and the secondary wound I can tell a difference in the shape of my body,it’s getting to the pre-pregnancy look and feel. I can definitely see a change in my appearance and I love it !If you’ve been thinking of having a tummy tuck I scream GO FOR IT !!

There’s nothing that has ever built my self esteem as this has. I feel more confident and secure in my own skin,I not only love myself I also love my body. The scar from the hysterectomy and sagging skin from two pregnancies made it worse and as I’ve said before I felt insecure and hated my body. Now that’s a thing of the past.

I still have swelling and a few pounds to lose but I’m getting where I desire to be

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