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As I share the photos of our homestead and the garden plots filled with much of the same things every year but it’s the excitement of planting seeds or plants with the hopes of producing food for our table if not for our panty which is my life long goal. The potagere’s garden closer to the house is coming alive with strawberries,herbs and wild flowers along with a few pivot hedge which I just can’t wrap my head around why I may have allowed them to come up and stay or I planted them for the nostalgia of my childhood in Pennsylvania where I was born;the aroma of the sweet white flowers quickly take me back to my grandparents home on Harlow street. Most of the hedge was neatly cut in the box shape as it run between each of the duplexes and homes that encircled the street as the children often played baseball in the streets in the cool summer evenings until the street lights came on then a good game of hide and seek until parents started calling everyone in. There were paths we would take to the store to get some candy,an ice cream sandwich and a Pepsi,the paths were often lined with the pivot hedge that were allowed to grow free of cutting allowing them to flower that’s when I fell in love with the scent. The goat paths as many called them were everywhere as we walked most everywhere. I did discover a couple rose of sharon in the garden today so yes it had been designed with memories in mind. The Rose of Sharon stands at the head of daddy’s gave where I often find shells among the strawberries or tomatoes,this year I found a couple among the lettuce and radishes. We can’t understand where they come from because the topsoil we put in the original pallet garden did not have any shells in the dirt. I smile and say, “thank you Lord for allowing me a visitation from daddy with proof of the shell being left behind.”

Collecting shells is something we,my children,daddy and myself walked along the shore in northern Louisiana picking up shells, as we shared a wonderful day for us all.

The cucumbers,thyme,basil, leaf lettuce and radishes are all breaking ground, pushing their little heads up through the soil and it’s so exciting. Donnie say the watermelon and corn are also breaking through the crusted dirt.

The wild flowers and other plants are coming back up as they start to bloom. The climbing rose is budding and putting out blooms along with the Rose hedges with there rose hips turning colors to soon be a reddish color and can be harvested for making potpourri or syrup which I’m told is delicious.

Soon I’ll be filling in the buckets along the privacy fence with more petunias, getting the potagere’s garden in a more organized pattern with an old garden gate to have cucumbers growing up the gate, painting and putting up the little signs that tell what’s planted in each little section.

I love to decorate and design whether it’s in the home or outside in the yard and garden.

But I love the Garden of Eden as we call it here in our back yard where peace can be found surrounded by the sounds of the chickens and ducks,water in the fish barrel,the walkways,prayer paths,muscadines over taking the duck coop and the grape vines growing along the wrought iron fence,then around the corner in the front of the home I have wild blackberries turning red soon to give their beautiful fruits for blackberry cobbler or blackberries and dumplings.

I’ve noticed 3 ducks still sitting so hopefully we will have babies along with all the other wonderful bounty of God. The road to bountiful is what this reminds me of.

May you all enjoy your road to bountiful this year.

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