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The Homesteads Usual Season Of Planting

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Tomato plants
Gooseneck squash and zucchini plants
Field Peas,butter beans,seed potato’s,cucumbers,green onion, yellow onion,eggplant,okra and pinto beans
Purple and white clover has been planted around the perimeter of my section of the gardens.I say my section because it’s a good size but yet not overwhelming for me to take care of
The potagere’s garden with a couple tomato plant,gooseneck squash,lettuce,radishes,green onions,eggplant and okra,garlic,chives, sage,thyme,basil,and rosemary
Samson enjoys being out in the gardens as you can tell by the pictures and by his tracks through the tilled earth which has gotten rain since planting
The bottoms where corn,water,peas and bean are planted
Our babies enjoying themselves as we check on the amount of rain was received. I’m thankful we didn’t receive the tornadic weather that some experienced nor the abundance of rainfall. The last two years we have experienced terrestrial rains after planting which washed seeds way and beat some of the plants literally to death.when coming up they didn’t produce like they should have or Samson laid on or dug up. Last year was especially hard on gardens everywhere around us.
Everyone’s enjoying taking a walk in the cool fresh air
Peas and beans in these two rows

Normal life for us

We try every year putting something in the ground to eat;if it’s just cucumber, tomato, yellow squash and zucchini but we usually have a good sized garden where we can freeze what can be to be eaten later like zucchini,squash and eggplant cooked in a stew or spaghetti sauce during the chill of winter while a fire gently crackles in the fireplace. I often not knowing which smells better, the food cooking or the aroma of the wood burning in the fireplace..To me that’s often a tough choice because I’m drawn to a fire as a month is to light. I find everything about a fire soothing, refreshing and restoring especially with a cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. I can still desire an outside fire in the middle of summer for the crackling and aroma but with a glass of sweet tea sometimes with mint ( there’s no shortage here) and slices of lemon.

We will be very attentive to our gardens this year more than ever given this covid-19 dress rehearsal with the senselessness of panic buying and hoarding.

Happy planting to all.May your harvest be an overly abundant one for what you have planted so you can have a fruit and vegetable stand making an extra income at home and enough to share the fresh fruits and vegetables with the elderly in the community.

God bless the reader,the one who sows and the harvester

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