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I’ve noticed not many are writing during this pandemic,I guess with having the spouse and children home there’s not enough time in one’s busy schedule for writing or maybe in boredom there’s not much to say or this crazy situation is playing out like a Stephen king novel and there’s no imagination left because no one knows Stephen’s ending of this one; there’s no peering to the back of the book to see how it ends.
It seems as if Bill Gates is one of the mad scientist who is pushing vaccines with chipping and many people are in panic mode or sitting in awe watching what seems to be the end of the world happening right before our eyes.
I know Stephen king is a wonderful writer but even he couldn’t have written this pandemic any better than what is being written. A great hand clap for the world leaders who believe themselves in control when in fact this is prophecy being played out as God wants it,the government has no control. Just as Judas had a part to play so do each character of this time of the beginning of sorrows. We as believers have nothing to fear for we know we will be well taken care of during these trying times,we must trust in Father God the great I am who seen the Israelites as they journeyed through the wilderness. If we learned anything from their journey we must remember to be obedient and trust,not to complain and not keep the slave mentality.
This is just a dress rehearsal of what is to come. There will now be a shift of wealth and power in the world. The men and women of God will be given those,the wealth and power of the unrighteous for there is an agenda God has in mind for preparing His people the church without spot and blemish. First there will certainly be hard times where once again history will repeat itself and return to the non-electric era and having the bartering system in place for no currency will we have because we did not take the mark of the beast and can not buy or sell. There may be a need to actually live underground in hiding as believers once did but I do see where we will live together on land joining our knowledge of homesteading, making implements and fixing them,knowing how to raise crops,preserve them and raising animal’s and caring for them and ourselves with herbal medicines grown by our own hands and God’s knowledge of their use.
It may be our family on one piece of property or God leading people to other believers where tiny homes can be built here and there dotted on the land.
I myself am praying for the ability to obtain solar power to where those here can live in a form of comfort. Am I too far fetched in my ideas, am I thinking on the wave length of Stephen King, NO I was sitting in my living room over 10 years when the Lord gave me a vision of the very things I’ve described to you. When I’m wide awake in the middle of the afternoon watching tv and all of a sudden the wall of my home seemed to disappear and these scenes played out before me as if I were watching a movie in the cinema without the aroma or opportunity to purchase popcorn and a drink. I didn’t hear an audio voice but the Holy Spirit spoke to me as I watched every detail of how it would one day be.
Yes I know it sounds far fetched but look at the biblical history of Noah building and ark for the coming flood when it hadn’t rained in three years. In lieu of this pandemic it’s not too far off from happening. I’m not predicting a time but I am telling what I have seen,what I heard in my spirit and what I can see coming in the future but first God’s people are going to be able to carry out what God is placing in each of their spirits. This may seem insane to some but I guarantee you will certainly remember these words written when it comes to pass or maybe you’re being given the same vision of what the future holds.
Fear is one thing we have found in this pandemic. Fear is were we should never operate in and another is stockpiling our own food is very important,preserving those foods for long term storage.
This years gardening is going to be given more attention than the years before. There are more plots tilled and being readied for planting and bigger so this pandemic has certainly opened our eyes and I’m sure the eyes of many of you reading. I pray your gardening is fruitful,multiplies and gives you and your stockpile of an abundance of everything necessary for your pantry for years to come in Jesus Mighty Name !
We have our fruit trees, gardening plots,pond to fish,woods to hunt deer and squirrels,fresh eggs,meat from the chicken’s and duck’s but we need to build rabbit hutches for raising our own and a  dairy doe and a buck then we wil be well on our way of having what seen many through the great depression. There are certain plants I want to grow like cattails that offer meals from their stalk,and head before it blooms to the brown head. The roots taste like potatoes,another taste like green beans and another like corn on the cob. There are many plants in the wild to harvest and enjoy. I myself stay away from mushrooms because I’ve not learned the difference in the eatable or non eatable but when this all takes place hopefully something will teach me their skills. One helping another is what living is all about during this pandemic or not.
Have a blessed Sabbath day ❤❤💋

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