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Hello Everyone,

I’m praying you and your families are doing well through this pandemic. As for us it’s live as usual except for not being able to find certain things,like the ingredients for a salad. At one time during this we were unable to find lettuce which seems hilarious when you think of it.

Panic buying has definitely gotten the United States in a sad situation,I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries but it brings to mind how the USA used to produce everything that is needed here for it’s people labeled made in the USA and is of better standards and quality than that what we purchase in 2020 from China.

I’m praying this pandemic causes eye’s to be opened, we need to stop having things made elsewhere,depending on other sources for our goods. We’re needing to open or reopen plants and companies to manufacture what’s needed here. If we would do this the economy would be at it’s best once again and unemployment would be at it’s all time low. We need our President to be another Roosevelt and do something that will bring us out of this being a better United States as Roosevelt did after the depression and the war.

Congress needs to think of this country and it’s falling apart and not about trying to prove someone is unfit for the oval office. I was so sick of Pelosi I’m glad the news is reporting something else besides one woman’s uprising and creating issues in her little world while she’s taking eyes off of what she’s doing. It’s always that way isn’t it?

What do you think will happen? What do you think is happening? I believe we are in what the Bible calls the beginning of sorrows.The labor has begun with no one knowing when everything prophesied will come to pass and the rapture of the church takes place but I feel the platform for the antichrist has certainly been built. I believe if there was ever a time to get our spiritual houses in order it’s NOW. It’s time to stop playing church and start being the church,stop straddling the fence being neither double minded and Wishywashy believers but those that are dedicated and obedient children of the most high God and not spoiled brats running to the throne with saggy and soil pullups with a ninny in our mouths eating the softer foods of the word, we need to be studying to show ourselves approved eating the meat of the word of God. This is a time the church as a unified body should be fasting, praying,laying prostrate before the Lord waiting for a word from God or for a mighty move from God.

Bill Gates a Eugenist had a closed door meeting with several millionaires in 2019 speaking to them about what may happen if there were a pandemic and handed out covid-19 teddy bears to all those who were there before anyone ever heard of covid -19,he also is finding the laboratory in Wuhan China were this virus started. Bill Gates is another Hitler in respect to seeing the weaker of the human race as no good for society. His father also being a Eugenist was one of the founders of planned parenthood eagerly wanting women to abort the child/ children she was carrying because she had more children than necessary so to speak and Bill is following in his father’s footsteps.

I don’t know if this virus is bio warfare causing this pandemic and deaths or if this is a way of chipping everyone which Bill Gates is enthusiastically pushing for with this vaccine being talked about on the news and everywhere you look.

Bill Gates was sending vaccines to a third world country with the wolf in sheep’s clothing with pretense of helping with immunization of the country’s children when infact when studied by that country’s scientists it was a sterilization serum.

I thought at one time Bill Gates was a
wonderful humanitarian but he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We need to watch him closely. This is my view of what I’ve studied and found,you can study this yourselves. I’m not trying to crucify anyone nor their reputation but there’s something not right about this.

Born again believers are sitting back watch prophecies unfolding before our very eyes,how long or fast all of this plays out is numbered by the Lord of Hosts,only He knows the time or the hour and we need to be watchmen on the wall watching for His return.

We need not be caught off guard and not spiritually ready in the day of Christ’s return for the word tells us He will come like a thief in the night and we should be ready for His return. Are you ready?

He did not give us the spirit of fear but that of love,power and a sound mind. Believers do not fear this that is happening for Father God has us ,He is our strong tower,our refuge from times of trouble. Did He not feed the Israelites manna from heaven and in the forty years in the wilderness the people’s clothes nor shoes wore out.

Father God has us no matter what is happening in the world but we need to be able to hear His voice,listening to no other. We need to have a closer relationship than ever before, it’s time for the nonbelievers,backsliders and those who are lackadaisical in their relationship with Father God to return unto Him,seeking His face and a word from Him. We need to return unto God,He being our God and we being His children then He shall heal our land.

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