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In lieu of the pandemic of Covid-19 it seems everyone with a patio or a few plots of ground is thinking of producing their own food for times just as this.When in reality they have never given thought of anything as such but are now researching in what to do and use.
I have friends on Facebook who have already purchased 200 plants for a garden this year when they haven’t gardened in years or I’m reading of those who have never grown anything not even a house plant who are planning how they too can produce food for their table which is fantastic but even in doing so they’re not thinking of all the work and dedication that goes into breaking the ground or preparing buckets, amending the soil, putting in the plants,watering and weeding and yet they can still fail in bringing in a harvest for the season. With all my efforts throughout the years there have been many of those I was defeated by the weather or pestilence. Giving attention to the pestilence, I myself am not into using pesticides that are harmful to everything it touches.please do research on making homemade solutions to your gardening woes. If you’re growing vegetables to be healthy then also keep yourself healthy by using earth and people friendly solutions. Remember to plant plants in and around your plot to bring bees to your garden for pollination and natural pesticide plants such as marigolds,mint,lavender,geraniums and more which make beautiful additions to the garden. There’s also companion gardening which helps in saving space and aides as a bug deterrent,as crazy as that may sound in companion gardening one plant may keep cucumber beetles away or whatever bugs you may encounter. I have found a solution of water and white rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle helps keep worms away from the tomatoes or crab boil in the bags scattered out keeps fire ants and a few others from destroying everything; tho you may have mustered seed and the other spices in the bag sprouting and growing ( I don’t mind) but you may want to weed these out.I allow them to stay because I love to grow any and everything that will grow. I love the miracle of planting the seed to one day picking or gathering what fruits or vegetables that seed offered. A pouch of chewing tobacco placed in a five gallon bucket of water and allowed to make a strong tea will keep the pests away from broccoli and cabbages with no need of straining the tobacco because as it lays around on the ground it’s still working. Some of these are old gardener tips I’ve learned from many that came before me that are now gone so they are tried and true.

Whatever you decide to plant,where and how you decide to do so I wish you much success in your adventures of gardening and may your bounty be great,Your from the plot to table experience to enrich your self reliance to building your food reserve. Whether it’s by freezing,canning,dehydrating or if it’s one or two meals a day for your planting season I guarantee satisfaction if it’s just herbs used for cooking to lettuce,radishes,tomatoes and cucumbers for your salads and there’s no better time than now to start buying or saving seeds to create your gardening experience. One fortunate thing is the internet is accessible to just about everyone with a fingers touch away from all information we need to help make our gardening journey a prosperous,abundant and successful one whether we harvest one bunch of radishes to an abundance of green beans to freeze or can. It’s worth a try and you’ll never know how relaxing,rewarding and frustrating it all can be and sometimes all three in the same day. Being home bound for this time gives all of us the opportunity to research the do,don’ts and maybes of it all. The two piece of advice I can give is if your just starting out don’t over plant a garden that will overwhelm you in the long run and 2) have fun… enjoy the miracle that’s before you and hopefully your entire family as you learn and teach the next generation of farmer’s.

Much success in your endeavors whatever they maybe to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

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