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MY Mommy Make Over

My journey through my tummy tuck

March 18th I arrived at the Face & Body Plastic Surgery Center in Jackson, Mississippi at round 6:30 am with me scheduled to be there at 7:30 am, surgery started at 10:30 am. The operation was 3 1/2 hours with all going well.

I wakened at 2am with terrible pain which everyone knows is expected with any type of evasive surgery but will be well worth the pain now if the tummy tuck helps with the back pain later.

2 am I was asking myself what was I thinking,when the peak of pain was a bit unbearable. As the pain med’s started working in relieving my pain and rest came, me sleeping through the night when I woke this morning feeling better I know I’ve made the right decision.

Today March 25,2020 is off to a good start. I’m up after sleeping through the night. Yesterday’s appointment brought on a point of ” what the hell was I thinking ” when the Dr didn’t like the look of the swelling in the left breast and decided to do a procedure of removing the old blood that had acummulated there; in my research I found this is not uncommon. A local was given and the apparatus which is used in liposuction was used in the removal of the old blood and a saline solution was run through until all was clear and new blood was visible. The procedure wasn’t terrible but the pressure I felt was. The way home wasn’t an enjoyable ride, but once home Donnie gave me my meds, putting me to bed while he went to the drug store to fill new meds, then off to get me a salad and pizza that I craved the night before.

Donnie is the best caregiver possible

He showers,dresses my incisions,dresses me, keeps up with my meds and everything that has to do with us and our homestead.

Yesterday the 26th I had a procedure done while asleep to make sure all dried blood was removed in the previous procedure. Everything went well and today I’m feeling better than ever.

I’m finding it easier to get up on my own, coughing without pillowing the incisions and I would not have changed my mind on having this mommy make over for anything in this world. I’m already seeing results in my waists shape and the flatterening of my stomach. My bust though still temperairly swollen are shaped more like my pre pregnancy shape.

I’m so excited to see what everything looks like when all swelling and drainage tubes are out to visualize the out come of the decision I’ve made. Though I must add I am very happy thus far.

I would refer my Dr and the mommy make over to EVERYONE who is thinking or contemplating having a tummy tuck done.

I’ll be talking on more as I go along and hopefully post pictures of my tummy after all is healed.

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