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There will be down time

Hello everyone,I’m soon to have surgery on March 18,2020 and will be down for a little while. I will post when pain is tolerated. I’m trying to do all I can to be healthy as I can for this procedure,drinking cranberry/pomergranted juice mixed with pineapple juice is a beautiful blend I stumbled upon. Many of you may have tried this combination before But I’m slower to catch on having to try and test on my own.I’ve not had a cigarette for 6 days now, I’m at the stage of anxiety and anger with research telling it will take 3-4 weeks to go through this stage. I certainly now more will come,

yet I’m victorious for,I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

It was suggested smoking and my age carries many risks as with any surgeries. That I could return to cigarettes after I’m fully healed and discharged. But if I’m going to go through this for 6-8 weeks, I definitely will not return to smoking. I’ve also decided to live a healthy life style readying myself for my next 60 years.60 IS THE NEW 30I really believe this statement,for I feel better now than I have in 20 years.Great changesI’ve started growing my hair out for the longer hair craze I’m going through, it’s not been this long since my 20’sA tummy tuck to correct a pryer surgery and pregnancies overlapping skin and to hopefully correct some back issues stated in a previous post.Change is good,though I usually don’t like change it’s time to move out of my comfort zone.

Have a blessed day and please visit again soon. I will put one more post before surgery. Much love sent to all.

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