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When this part of the coop isn’t used for our maternity ward it’s where they lay their little gems.Spring has sprung and broody hens are among us. Two have hatched and there’s excitement in the air even with those outside this area. The rooster picks up his head to listen as I enter into the materity ward with feed, he seems proud to hear the chicks peep.Year before last when the Cochin hens went broody they suprised me when the sitting was communal,the raising of the chicks was finally given to the hen that was higher in rank or drew the shortest piece of hay.I grew up tending animals and chickens were among the lot, as have I also raised chickens but it wasn’t until the Cochin came into my life that I ever had a communal maternity ward.. I don’t know if this is normal amoug all breeds and I had pissy hens or if this is just amoug the Cochin and smaller breeds,if anyone cares to comment about this please feel free,I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this type of behavior.

I wasn’t expecting to have chicks this year but I’m so thankful that we are. I love new life. There’s something about it that warms the heart and gives hope to all those around it. If the entire lot of eggs are hatched we’ll have a great addition to our flock though they the have rejected two I disposed of,there may be more to come but either way I rejoice for the renewal of life here at

“La Chalet De La Mare”

meaning house or cabin by or on the pond in French I’m told by those who interpreted the words. They were spoken to me as I slept. I do not speak French.

This will be my last post until I’m feeling able to write and share the results of our communal sitting and hatching.

See ya soon😊

Have a blessed day with much love sentπŸ’–

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