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It’s contagious Let’s Spread It Around

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What’s in a smile that’s heartwarming and contagious?

Have you ever been in a large crowd with much on your mind,let’s say your in large grocery store pushing your buggy along pondering on what you need because you’ve forgotten your grocery list once more and you’re trying to remember everything on it or at least the majority thereof. You’re walking distracted through the store wondering why you even bother to make a list because it’s very seldom it gets no further than the trashcan when you get home, while you’re asking yourself why didn’t you write it on your phone; you know the scenario when you’re lost in conversation with yourself and you happen to glance up and see someone smiling at you. I don’t know about you but just a smile will brighten my day by lifting my spirits and I will reciprocate by smiling back and maybe saying hello or have a blessed day. As you’re now walking with a smile you in turn lift another’s spirits and another it’s very contagious and something you don’t mind sharing unlike the virus that’s now being spread worldwide.

The next time you’re in a crowd smile at someone and watch what happens. The smile not only lifts your spirits but also those around you.

A smile is like the sun shining as spring breaks through after a long hard winter causing the snow to melt allowing the daffodils to bloom.

I enjoy bringing a smile to another’s face because the Lord only knows the tears that are shed by each of us at one time or another.

The rewards of just a smile

It cost nothing to give but the benefits not only to other’s but to yourself are so rewarding.

I also try to bless those around me with my words of encouragement or affirmation which are not just empty words but those from a genuinely sincere heart.whether we want to admit it or not people can often tell if the words spoken are genuine or falling from lying faltering lips and can also tell in the manner of written words in a text or a note.

In everything we do we must be genuine and true not only to other’s but especially to ourselves. This brings true happiness.

The next time you’re in crowd truly smile,say hello or tell them to have a blessed day and spread happiness wherever you go.

Have a blessed day

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