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Chickens and surgery

I’ve been outside enjoying the fresh air often in the last week between showers but as I watch the chickens peck around the ground for the feed I’ve thrown to them, as they venture out the potagere’s garden and the wood line, I feel a certainy watching them as they forage for a bit of protien, fight over whatever has been found then talk to each other in their chicken chatter. I’m caught thinking of how lovely their comb’s and wattle’s are of the brightest red with brilliant colored feathers that shine and glisten as the sunlight hits them.

But soon enough their foraging will stretch further outward entering Aunt Dorothy’s flowerbeds which means confinement with very few days of yard time. It breaks my heart because I love them free ranging. The birds are healthier,happier and the eggs are phenomenal with their rich dark yellowish to Orange yolks.

With them being housed, I’ll miss watching and listening to them as they communicate with each other often sounding like they’re sharing the latest secrets or gossip,when all of a sudden things may break into an argument, then a standoff with one leaving with her feather’s in a fluff.

If one ever wants a laugh, put an animal of any kind in the scenario;there is literally not a day in the life of a homesteader that they will not laugh at something one of their goats,ducks,chickens, horses ect has done.

I know what I’m about to say sounds absolutely absurd, ” I love my animals ” so much that I tend to treat them as my children and I feel ashamed I have been neglecting them in sorts. Though they are fed,watered and coops are clean and the weather warming I have six broody hens,which usually I’m marking eggs,counting days and picking up the unmarked eggs for our consumption or boiling them and feeding them back to the girls to add to their protein while the sit,hatch and care for the little ones. But I have failed them this year in respect of not marking,counting days or even collecting the overflow of eggs. I’m definitely being a lazy chicken mom this year, I wasn’t planning on having any sitting and increasing the flock but as things are I’m praying for all rosters so they can go into the freezer..who am I fooling most of these will be our food sourse for days to come throughout the coming year. First I had the flu,then a bout with sinusitis and the excitement of my upcoming surgery March 18,2020. It’s an electric surgery to fix my abdominal area where a hysterectomy left an already stretched abdomen from pregnancy not looking well giving me poor body image. I know many of you deal with these same issues and probably have not problems with it,being a badge of honor of being a mom. I too feel that way if it were only the stretched abdomen from pregnancy but the over lapping skin from the other surgery has left that area to me,looking like a battle zone and I’ve opted to have a mommy makeover to take me back to prepregnancy tone and shape with the full hopes of helping with my back pain and self imagine. I’m positive this will solve the self imagine issues and praying the back pain is lessened by at least half if not more.

The surgery and Dr’s appointments have taken my time away from doing what is usually done when broody’s start setting. Yes I feel ashamed of myself but chickens have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years without interference from man/woman so I’m very sure the girls have everything under control. As they begin to hatch some will care for the chicks while other’s remain setting and removing the rotten or infertil eggs and the number of young will not be as many as the clutches seem to be holding. I have 6 hens setting in two different areas of the coop and run with the other girls continuing to lay in their clutches,refusing to give up and find another place to lay.

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  1. Hi Teresa, nice to hear from you. Things here are doing well. Being a country gal, you know that there is a peace in nature that we are blessed with. 🙂 I did do a post just today, actually. You may have received it in your email? If not let me know. We may still have that deliverability problem…. :-/

      1. Ahh, that may be the issue then! I just changed it. When you get a chance check your email and see if you got one from me just now. Meanwhile, I do get your posts, and although I am not able to respond to everyone, I do enjoy seeing your photos and reading your thoughts. Love! Pamela

  2. I can relate to that nagging sense of neglecting something. For me, it’s usually expressed out in a reoccurring dream of forgetting to feed or check on a pet, and often it’s too late by the time I remember. :-/ It’s a horrible feeling. I never connected it to a mothering instinct. That makes some sense. 🙂

    Your transparency is refreshing. I pray your surgery goes wonderfully, Teresa!

      1. Hello Pamela,
        Checking to see how things are with you,we here are doing well as I pray you are. How do I see your posts your writing? I love reading them,they are filled with truth and beauty.

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