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Our Anniversary

As many of you know Donnie and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on the 27th of February.

The flowers in the pictures are those I received, 10 for each year we have been married,a very sweet and precious thought on Donnie’s part.


I usually keep bouquets of wildflowers from our field I’ve picked on our walks or those Donnie picks from the side of the road known to many as Redneck Rose’s,which I love more than any because he has spotted flowers,thought of me and has stopped on the side of the road to pick me a bouquet. The thought warms my heart each time I think about it when I see the bouquets around our home.


I’m very sentimental ! I have emptied the water from the vase and since the florist has already run wire up the stem into the flower head I’ve decided to leave them instead of hanging them in a tied bunch upside down to dry. I’m also leaving them where they are since it’s only filtered light from the doors though it should be a darkened room,I believe they will do just fine here. When they dry I will spray them with ” Got To Be hair spray to keep the flowers intact.

Thank you for stopping by the blog, I certainly enjoy your comments and likes. Please feel free to read the other posts I’ve written or shared along my life’s journey in blogging, which I will be celebrating my first year coming soon in April.

Have a blessed day with much love sent ❤

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